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Your Choice


Today I was sitting outside during my lunch break.  It was one of those perfect days, where the sun is shining and there is a gentle breeze.  Lots of ideas and thoughts were churning in my head.

So, I was just relaxing and looking around, and my eyes focused on a dandelion puffball, that was spreading its seeds with each breeze.  One lone puffball, surrounded by beautiful, lush green grass, but all I could see is the dandelion.  It was thought provoking.

The first thing I thought of was the hard work and care my husband puts into our lawn.  He works and works to keep it green and healthy.  It doesn’t just happen.  In order for the grass to remain green and healthy, it needs to be nurtured with the correct amount of sunlight, water, fertilizer and regular mowing.  It also needs to be periodically thatched and aerated.  On the other hand, dandelions and weeds seem to thrive all on their own.  They spread and pop up everywhere; no special care needed.  Even in the middle of a drought, the lawn will be completely brown and dried out, but growing through a crack in the driveway or sidewalk will be a thriving dandelion.  I just know that happy yellow weed is smiling because it knows the pain it’s causing my husband!

Isn’t that the way evil works?  In order to thrive and grow as Christians, we need to be nurtured.  Daily prayer, Mass/Church Services, reading scripture and Christian books, are some of the ways to help us develop and strengthen our relationship with Jesus.  It takes work, dedication, and strong faith. If we start to neglect those things, little by little, the darkness will start to seep into our hearts, and we start rationalizing.  It’s uncanny how fast the evil is spread in our own hearts, and then to others, just like the seeds from that pesky puffball.

My question to you…are you like the green, lush grass, basking and growing  in the loving care of your Creator, or are you the dandelion, growing wildly and out of control,  spreading the seeds of confusion and doubt?  Your choice.


2 thoughts on “Your Choice

  1. Jimmy, thanks so much for always being open and honest. I smiled when you compared yourself to crabgrass; probably describes most of us perfectly!


  2. hmmm excellent post today…makes me think………first I think Joe takes care of his lawn WAAAAAAAY better than I do lol….but then I focus on my relationship with Christ…..and although I don’t see myself as a dandelion, because I try my best not to inflict my environment with the mistakes I make at times….I DO feel like crab grass at times….green….loving God….but still making choices that make my life just a little more difficult than it has to be…..not enough to do the lawn damage but just enough to know its there….satan has NO PART of my life…but sometimes he does just enough to let me know, he’s still there……I’m NOT a good reader as you know….not good at formal prayer……but I DO listen to, sing, and study Christian music…and I talk to God thoughout the day every day….I’m more of a spontaneous talking prayer I guess…..but satan tries checking in now and then….sometimes in my humaness I let him stick his foot in the door……but then….its time to mow the lawn………thanks again kiddo for a thought provoking blog entry….love you TONS!!!! and May God continue to bless you for such a beautiful ministry.


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