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6 thoughts on “Love Letter: Dear Kara

  1. I agree. What a beautiful gift they gave her:-) Knowing that your child is happy is such a blessing.


  2. So nice that the adoptive parents send pics through the mail and give this woman some peace, knowing that her daughter is growing up in a good home. I had a roomate that didn’t know what happened to her child after she gave her up for adoption. It tore her up. Nice to read something where faith and love are part of the outcome. Beautiful letter.


  3. Very good story, thanks for sharing.

    On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 8:20 AM, somebodylovesmeblog wrote:

    > ** > blmaluso posted: “What a beautiful love letter from a mother who made > an unselfish, loving choice. May God bless her, her daughter, and the > adoptive family.”


  4. Thanks for sharing this! Definitely an under-represented persepctive on this issue.


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