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I just had to share Mary’s thoughts and prayer with you, regarding what is currently happening in our culture. May God bless you as you read her words!


After reading and responding to a number of comments regarding the Zimmerman case and the incident in Wisconsin, I am heartsick to see that so many Americans are so full of hate.  It does not matter what the ethnicity is–I see hatred pouring out from all sides and it is indeed sad to see.

There are some promoting the nonsense that only Black Americans commit crimes, some saying that no black person between the age of 7-70 should be trusted, some saying that height determines adulthood so if a black male is over 5’5″ he could should be considered a man, not a child regardless of age.  Is this truly the plight of America? Have we become such a blinded nation that we hate without reason or cause and attempt to justify our hate? 

What is even sadder about some of these comments is that those making them profess to…

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2 thoughts on “Heartsick!

  1. Thanks for the reblog! I’m really concerned about where we as a nation are headed.


    • I know, my husband and I are really concerned, too. So many evil things are happening and/or in the making at this point in time – it is hard to understand why more people do not see it. Their eyes have scales beause they refuse open their hearts to God.

      It seems as though people are happy to keep their eyes closed as to what is happening all around them, as long as they are going about their daily lives, have food in their bellies, a home to live in, vacations to take, etc, etc…the culture has been deceived. I was deceived, but I searched for a long time and my eyes and heart were finally opened to the pure love of Jesus. Who knows how long I was being prayed for, or who was doing the praying? That’s why I try to pray for as many people that I can…daily. It is a world in need out there.

      Thank you for being a willing vessel and speaking the truth.


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