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Your Place or Mine?

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Do you live in bondage and fear, or are you free in Christ? The choice is yours…

Just Ask Tina

A while back, I’d heard about a comment made by a person who was feeling extremely discouraged about some pretty heavy duty things that were going on in his life. His comment was this –

“I don’t even feel like praying anymore because it seems like when I do, things just get worse.”

Having been through (and still going through) some pretty tough and challenging situations myself, I felt really badly for this guy.

As I sat pondering his words and, to tell you truth, identifying with them myself, I suddenly got a vision.

Yes, a vision. Hold on, now, go with me…

In my vision, I was in a house – my house – where I was busily going about my normal, daily routine of cleaning, tidying up, etc.

Nestled high up in a corner of the living room ceiling was a big hornet’s nest which had been there…

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