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The Monsters We Create


The other night, I happened to see a discussion of the movie “The Bride of Frankenstein.” Upfront, I need to let you know I have never seen a Frankenstein movie and have never read the book. It just did not interest me. Although I usually do not put any credence in what “stars” say, Drew Barrymore’s  words interested me. She said it was a beautiful movie, with lots of symbolism. She also inferred there was a strong ethical and moral theme throughout the story, and a person could not help feeling sadness and compassion for the “monster”.

My curiosity was aroused, so I watched the movie.

Then I had to watch it again with my husband. This movie was filmed in 1935. There are many scenes that modern movie enthusiasts might laugh at, because of the acting and low technology, according to today’s standards. However, what I saw was a truly beautiful film, with much symbolism and reference to God, good, and evil. That kind of shocked me…I was not expecting that. Here was a monster that was created from dead bodies, and given “life” by crazed scientists. When the monster acted like a monster, the people were horrified, terrified, so of course they turned against him. They did not understand him, and were too afraid to even be in his presence. The monster stumbled his way around, because he simply knew no other way. He killed a few people indiscriminately, some of them by accident.

One truly beautiful scene, was when a lonely blind man was playing his violin in his little shack. The monster heard the music, and was drawn in by the beauty. He opened the door to the shack, and expected the man to scream and run. Since the man was blind, he did not do that. He literally prayed to God in thanksgiving…thanking God for sending him a friend in his loneliness. The man nursed the wounds of the monster, provided him with food and drink, and even tucked him into a comfortable bed, so he could rest. He accepted the monster as he was, without preconceived judgment. Not only did the man minister to his new “friend’s” needs, he also taught him to talk, and shared some finer things of life with him…namely wine and cigars. They became friends to each other. Because of the man’s blindness, he was able to show love without fear; he did not see the monster in his friend.

At that time, some men who were lost, happened to come into the man’s shack and saw the monster. They tried to kill him, and pulled the man out. The shack was left burning, and you see the monster escaping out of the flames, sadly calling out for his friend.

I won’t tell you the ending of the story, because I don’t want to completely ruin it for you. But let’s just say, the monster ended up having more humanity than the humans that created him had. I know it sounds weird, but that movie truly touched my heart. How many times do we create “monsters” and then turn our backs on them?

We allow the removal of God from our schools, and then are shocked when throngs of young adults turn their backs on God and the Church. And then, because of political correctness, we allow them to continue on their Godless path without a word, because we do not want to “offend” anyone.

We allow and condone the killing of unborn babies, the “innocents”, and then we wonder why there is so much violence and murder…and such disrespect for life in general. Again, we remain silent, after all, isn’t killing a baby in the womb a woman’s right? Really???

We allow our children to play violent, gory, evil games for hours on end, and then wonder why they cannot relate to people in a normal, healthy, loving way. In extreme cases, they play out their killing games in real life. Again, we make excuses. It’s only a game, it’s only a movie, it’s only music. Again I say…Really???

We allow the infiltration of our society’s minds, including our children’s innocent minds, with immodesty, promiscuity, and disgusting behavior. Then we cringe and back away when we see the results. Physical disease and debilitating emotional and spiritual sickness, unwanted pregnancies, suicide. But we often just want to turn away from what we have created. We judge and point our fingers at the “sinners.”  After all they chose that lifestyle, and need to repent. Right???

Because of busy work schedules and lifestyle choices, we spend less and less time together as families. Family meals are far and few between. Because of “smartphones” and other technologies, we have lost the art of personal communication and relationships. Families communicate through pithy and clever phrases, and don’t take the time to truly discuss feelings, dreams and beliefs. Our children are floundering…they are hungry for unconditional love and attention. But we are doing as much as we can; our family needs our two jobs, and we all need to be “active” and involved in community and recreational activities. We are exhausted…no time for anything else. Right???

Maybe we should all step back, and breathe in the love of God. Maybe then we will realize all the monsters we are creating on a daily basis…once created, the monsters we would like to ignore. The monsters we would like to destroy.

However, those “monsters” are our children, our friends, our family, our community, our country. The monsters are us. Instead of going with our first instinct of turning away in fear and disgust, we need to  look toward God for the grace to love His children in blindness to their circumstance and guilt, and love them for the beauty that  He sees inside their hearts.

Jesus sees the hurt, pain, sin, and darkness that we all have in our hearts. He is waiting for us to open ourselves in faith, submission and humility.

That is how our world will be converted to a much more beautiful place. With less monsters.

7 thoughts on “The Monsters We Create

  1. Reblogged this on somebodylovesmeblog and commented:

    With Halloween around the corner, we will be seeing more and more scary monsters, whether we want to or not. This reblog that was originally posted a year ago, may give you a new perspective of the monsters all around us.


  2. I cannot wait “until our world becomes a much more beautiful place,” Bernadette. Then there are those who say, “one’s environment has nothing to do with our outcome.” The environment of the world has only to speak for itself and show this statement is so untrue. If all of this technology went away tomorrow I would not miss it at all, only the people I meet through it. To me it has totally ruined the thinking the human beings, because they cannot “think” anymore. Not for themselves anyways. If you do not believe me ask someone to count you back change without a computer. A task as simple as this, has slipped the mind’s of many.

    As far as abortion I know God will not endure this forever. I know in the book of Amos God said, “For those who took the babies from their mother’s womb their nation, would suffer the storms of the whirlwinds.” How long do these people really think God is going to stand for this? I believe in God’s justice there is still mercy, but I also believe it is still His justice. I do not know what His justice is going to be for these little babies, whose lives and souls are so precious to Him.

    Without God we are nothing. This is coming more and more apparent as we try and get Him out of everything. Good post and God Bless, SR

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  3. SR, thank you for your insight. You always speak from your heart, and always according to His Word. I agree with you about technology, and also about abortion.

    You are right…we are nothing without God. I am praying for eyes to be opened and for the conversion of sinners, especially for those most in need of His mercy.

    Love in Christ,


  4. You are on a roll. Telling it like it is! I don’t like scary movies, but I read the book Frankenstein years ago for my book club. Although it was a dry read, I can’t get the theme out of my head. The author was a female and seemed jaded by God and the church. In the plot, Dr Frankenstein creates the human monster…but then, he is so repelled by his creation that he avoids him. The lack of human touch and communication, the fear and misunderstanding from the community, is what makes the monster lash back at people. The theme reflected an author who suggested, “Why would God create us, and then call his creation sinners and condemn us.”
    Of course, movies often don’t do the book justice. I grew up thinking Frankenstein was the name of the monster. Thanks for posting. Maybe I’ll watch the old film now that I’ve read the book.

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    • Karen,

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment! I don’t like scary movies either…it was odd that I would even consider watching this one. I do like “interesting” movies, though.

      That’s funny…I too always thought Frankenstein was the monster. Maybe that was the intent? It was evident to me in “The Bride of Frankenstein” that the real monster was the doctor.

      It is interesting that the theme reflected by the author was “Why would God create us, and then call his creation sinners and condemn us.” I must have missed all that, because the theme to me was “don’t try to play God and mess in areas where we shouldn’t.”

      Thanks for getting me to think EVEN more:-)


  5. What a great post! You’ve really captured a beautiful truth from the original “Frankenstein” story, I think, which is that the “monster” ended up being more human than those who created him. In response to Karen, I don’t believe this story was ever meant to serve as a reflection of God. On the contrary, it shows how dangerous it is for flawed human beings to try and play God, instead of leaving matters of life and death to the One who created us.

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    • Thanks so much for your comment! I agree…I believe there is much wisdom to be gleaned from this story.

      And I agree wholeheartedly…”it shows how dangerous it is for flawed human beings to try and play God, instead of leaving matters of life and death to the One who created us.” Our society (the world) is getting crazier and scarier by the moment, because of man’s tampering with God’s perfect creation.

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