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Jesus is Everywhere


The other day I stumbled upon a quote that is stirring my heart and mind.

“You need to decide whose standards you will live by, God’s or the world’s.  You will never be satisfied with one foot in both worlds.”  Charles Norton

My heart is totally filled because of a “Jesus Moment.”  Although I find it uncomfortable to share about particular personal acts of charity and love, I truly believe God is calling me to share this encounter.  What I am sharing is for the Glory of God, for we are nothing without him!

The Holy Spirit was in our midst this morning, right in the middle of the morning rush at McDonalds.

There are a few different facets to what transpired this morning, and what it meant to all of us involved.  I will start by saying that my husband and I are troubled by the downward spiral of our country and culture.  It seems that the evil has a life of its own now, and no matter what our constitution says, and no matter what is right in the Lord, decisions are being made and “laws” are being passed to the detriment of society.  Why are so many eyes and hearts closed to the evils that are occurring right in front of our faces?

These thoughts were on our minds this morning, as my husband and I were driving to work.  On the way, as usual, we stopped for coffee at McDonald’s.

Before I go any further, I must tell you God has been tugging at our hearts, regarding a man we see every day at McDonalds. I have even shared about him in a past blog post.  This gentleman walks very slowly with a cane, and seems as though he is in financial need.  My husband noticed a few days ago that the tires on his car are bald, and not safe to be driving on.  There goes the tug…we really feel we should purchase a set of tires for him.  However, we don’t have the “extra” cash right now.  In fact, we need tires ourselves, which we have been postponing because of the expense.

This morning, as we were walking into the restaurant, we spotted him slowly getting out of his car.  We walked over to him and said hello.  He smiled, and said “Jesus is everywhere in America.”  After all the concern we have about what is happening in our country, this man looked right in our eyes and spoke the Truth.  He said again, “Jesus is everywhere in America.”  He went on to say that he is Muslim.  Twenty years ago he was in a car accident, and was terribly injured because he did not have his seatbelt on.  Since then, he has had  many health issues, and had lost his job.  He shared that a neighbor helped him with yard work, and started to take him to Church.  That is where this man (David) found Jesus.

He told us that Jesus is love and he is on every corner in America, in our Churches.

My husband and I were just about speechless.  Isn’t it amazing how the Lord uses all of us to help each other in faith?  These words that came out of David’s mouth, touched our hearts deeply, filling us with the love of the Spirit.

We asked David if we could get him some breakfast, and he went ahead to sit down.  We delivered his breakfast to him, and it seemed as though he looked into our souls when he spoke to us.  He invited us to sit down, however, we were running late for work, so we could not sit to visit with him.  We talked a little, and he kept saying “Jesus is everywhere…I will ask Jesus to be with you.”

When we turned around to leave, the whole event felt surreal.  I happened to catch the eye of a man who was seated nearby, and he had a smile on his face and looked emotional.  It crossed my mind how we are always being watched.  ALWAYS BEING WATCHED…in all situations.

As I was writing this post, I called my husband to make sure I was remembering the details correctly.  He was actually at the tire store, waiting with David for his tires to be mounted.  Praise be to God!  When the heart tugging didn’t get through, God made sure to get his message across loud and clear!  When the Lord  asks you to provide tires, you provide tires!

While David was sitting with my husband at the tire center, he shared that he attends Church every day and talks to Jesus and His Mother…

This morning, we met a brother with a beautiful, pure heart.  He touched us in a way I can’t explain.  Helping me to realize that even in this very sinful world, Jesus is everywhere.

Which leads me back to this quote: “You need to decide whose standards you will live by, God’s or the world’s.  You will never be satisfied with one foot in both worlds.”  Charles Norton

Please Lord, help us to place BOTH of our feet  in your world…in your word.

Help us to walk by faith and not by sight.

Help us to trust you, no matter what appears in the physical world.

We ask that you fill our hearts with love, help us to know your whispers and callings, and please strengthen our faith to carry out your will.   Amen.


16 thoughts on “Jesus is Everywhere

  1. You and Joe are such an inspiration to me. Always reminding me of the good that is all around. God Bless you both!


  2. What a powerful testimony to the indwelling of the Spirit … He is among us and resides in our hearts to shine His Light into this dark world. Thank you so much for you example!!! Blessings to you, as you continue to obey His leading!


  3. Wow! what a great testimony to God’s power! And who knew God was at McDonalds! LOL!


  4. What a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless


  5. Thanks for sharing. God is amazing!


  6. What a beautiful story which touched my heart and made me smile. I am so happy you found my blog and I can’t wait to learn more about you, my generous and lovely new friend! Blessings,


  7. Yes, Jesus is everywhere–we who believe make it possible at all times! Continue to let your light shine so people will see Jesus, where ever you go!


    • It is a joy and privilege to live in the light of Christ and share His love:-) As you know, Jesus is impossible for us to keep to ourselves. He is working in you mightily!


  8. very powerful testimony. vw


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