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How to Have a Magnetic Personality


In an article I was reading this morning, I came across some of the attributes of a magnetic personality.   “What this person does best is make everyone he or she interacts with feel empowered or validated.  The positive energy and the selfless interest in the other party makes the person very popular indeed.”

Through the years, I have read countless self help books, many that supposedly served as a guide toward helping a person  acquire that elusive  magnetic personality.  I must admit, I learned a lot  from some of those books, but one thing always troubled me.

You see, I have watched the so called leaders who were developed through using the tools from the books.  They did everything “right” and acted as though they truly cared about the people they wanted to lead.  They learned how to give “warm fuzzies” and also perfected their own body language.  They learned to say all the right things to get the results they desired.  Some people allowed themselves to be drawn in to them, however, it was always apparent to me that the “leader” was shallow, and just playing a part.  Sooner or later, the true character of that person was revealed.  What did that leave?  It left many disillusioned, wounded “believers” who vowed not to be duped again.

When I was reading about what constituted a magnetic personality, my thoughts turned to Jesus.  His perfect, loving, selfless soul drew sinners toward him.  They couldn’t help themselves…when they looked into his eyes or heard him speak, they encountered the Truth.

They saw themselves through his eyes, and were filled with a love they had never before experienced.

Jesus spoke the Truth in love.  For the hearts that were open to love, they were drawn into Jesus’ mercy and love like steel is drawn to a magnet.  For those that refused to open their hearts, they were repelled.

Jesus did not change His Truth to draw them in. 

When Jesus’ love touches a soul, and there is conversion, a beautiful thing happens.  There is a union between that soul and the heart of Christ that occurs through conversion, and ultimately an intimate relationship with Him.

As our relationship and friendship with Jesus matures, the love and mercy of Christ flows into our hearts.   As we pray, meditate, align ourselves with the Lord, and place our trust in Him,  we will notice a change gradually happening in our hearts.  We will start to think differently about certain issues, and look at “sinners” (including ourselves) in a different, more compassionate way.  We may even  have a complete change of mind and heart regarding issues that we felt very  strongly about.  What is happening, is that we are starting to view the world through the heart of Christ, which is filled with tenderness, mercy and love.  We can’t help but change!

As we Christians grow closer to the heart of Jesus,  true magnetism is forming in our beings.  You see, it is not us personally that draw people…it is the pure love of Jesus that is touching people through us.

Each time that a soul is converted and united with the pure heart of Christ, it works like a magnet, drawing those with open hearts toward the Body of Christ.

Now THAT is what I call a magnetic personality!


6 thoughts on “How to Have a Magnetic Personality

  1. That’s true my friend! Another wonderful post, filled with insight for all of us to ponder! Great! Thanks so much for sharing this! Much love sent your way!


  2. I miss you, too. You have been on my mind a LOT! I will email soon to catch up. Love, Bernadette


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