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Simple Acts of Kindness


Lately the word “gratitude” keeps popping up in my head.    I am so grateful for my life, and for the people God has placed in my little world.  Recently, I am becoming more and more aware of how the people in my life have contributed to the place I am right now…the person I am becoming.

Today I would like to share some acts of kindness that especially touched my heart throughout the years.  Because listing all that my parents, husband and sons have done for me would be a neverending list, I am choosing not to include them today.  I thank God for them every day.

These are a few of those special acts of kindness and love that truly touched my heart:

Childhood friends gave me a little red and white rhinestone pendant on a gold chain when I had my tonsils removed.  Not only do I still have it, I still wear it! And I think of them each time I do.

My sister, Patti, read my favorite stories to me over and over again.  Thanks sis!  My heart still fills up when I remember those times.

When I was in “Blue Birds” (Camp Fire Girls) I would walk to my friend’s house after school.  We had time before the meetings, so her mother would serve us a little meal at a child sized table.  I loved that!  After we were done with our meal, I was encouraged to pick out a Nancy Drew book from her bookcase.  Each week I would return the one I read, and would choose another.  Yes, I have ALWAYS loved to read, and I cherish the memory of  those visits.

My sister, Veronica, made me dresses with matching scarves when I was young.  Loved them!  She also did something extra special for me when I was invited to my first formal dance in High School.  She took me shopping, and helped me pick out a long dress, shoes, lingerie, purse and jewelry…and she paid for it out of the earnings of her part time job.  Thanks, Verni.  I will always remember how much you gave from your heart.

My friend’s sister took the time to teach me how to bake an apple pie from sctratch.  And I still use the same recipe!

An anonymous gift basket once showed up on our porch.  It was filled with cookies, fruit and different foods, and came at a time when we really needed it.  We never knew who sent it…although I have my guesses!

One Christmas our family was going through financial difficulties.  We could not buy any gifts at all that year.  Out of the blue, my brother in law and his wife showed up at our door with wonderful gifts for our two sons.  That was truly a joyfilled Christmas!

The first Christmas in our new home, my husband, our sons, and I were decorating the tree.  One of our neighbors dropped off a fancy plate of homebaked cookies to welcome us to the neighborhood.  That was truly heartwarming!

On my first day back to work after my father passed away, one of my co-workers walked up to me, and handed me a large bouquet of flowers from his garden; no one else from work had yet mentioned my father, and Sam was not a close friend of mine.  When he handed me the flowers, it felt like he knew my heart.  I will never forget the look in his eyes as they met mine.

I was going through a very painful and emotional time, after my dad passed away, and was staying with a close friend while visiting family in my hometown.  All of a sudden, I just burst into tears…the kind that come from deep within.  I ran upstairs to be alone.  My friend gave me a few minutes, and then brought up a tray with a beautiful tea set on it.  She poured my tea, and without saying a word, turned around and let me have alone time.  Her instinct for what I needed at that time was intensely comforting.

My younger sister, Lisa, has a very sweet heart.  Although she was experiencing hard times financially, she took the time to pick out special little gifts for my mother and me, and sent us a gift box.  We felt her love as we opened each little gift and read the beautiful letter she included.  Thanks Lisa, for sharing your heart!

One of my friends gave me a copy of a book that would change my life.  “Rediscover Catholicism” by Matthew Kelly.  She said she saw it at a Church while on vacation…and something told her to pick it up for me.  Thank you, Marie, for listening to that voice!

I am so thankful for all the love that God has showered on my life.  Many of my greatest blessings were received through  simple acts of kindness through family or friends, sometimes even from strangers.  Don’t be afraid to follow the whispers of your heart.  When there is a chance to reach out to someone…go ahead and do it!

One thing I am sure of.  We are all here to love eachother, and to share the love of Jesus.  One act of kindness at a time…sharing love one heart at a time.

And  I am also sure that our Lord will bless and multiply our efforts.


















6 thoughts on “Simple Acts of Kindness

  1. This post is absolutely heartwarming. I plan, and challenges others to really take some time to take note of all the times in life where we have been blessed unexpectedly (and undeservedly!). Thank you as always for your gentle yet powerful reminder to count our blessings! Love you!


  2. Indeed. It is so heartwarming to recall the kindness of friends. Random acts of kindness warms the heart of the receiver. But the heart of the giver is changed by the act.

    I was sitting in a coffee shop trying to get some work done, but a group of ladies at the next table were talking and laughing loudly, annoying me and breaking my concentration. It was irritating me.

    Then one of them brought out a little birthday cake, and I realized why they were so excited.

    So I put down my pen, went over to them, offered to help them take a group photo and wished the birthday girl Happy Birthday.

    Suddenly I didn’t feel irritated anymore. I smiled as they tried to sing “Happy Birthday” quietly without embarrassing themselves.

    As Eph 5:1-2 says “Be imitators of God” – I did what Jesus would do regardless of how I felt, and I was surprised by the result.

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    • What a wonderful story! You are so right…the heart of the giver is also changed. (probably even more than the recipient!!) May God bless your day! Bernadette


  3. You know, Bern, if I could have chosen my sisters insofar as their generosity, compassion, and general goodness, I could never have done better than God did for me. Thank you for putting these things in words to share with the world. I wish I could do this in the ways that you have. Thank you so much for being who you are and doing what you are doing…and thank you, Vern, for being the wonderful, deeply spiritual, talented, and caring person you are, and you Lisa, for being one of the gentlest, kindest, and generally good and loving person you are. Each one of you makes me so proud of who you are and so happy to have been a part of watching you grow up. (And how much I loved the reading and playing games with you all!)


    • Patti, you have touched so many lives by being YOU! Thank you for always being an inspiration to me and for the patience and love you’ve shown me and all of the people around you. You are in my heart and prayers every day…and always will be!


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