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Flash of Light


This is a different kind of post today.  I am looking to you for your interpretation or ideas regarding an unexplainable event that my family experienced.  For some reason, it has been on my mind lately.

About 17 or so years ago, my husband and I were at a place in life that was full and extremely busy.  We were living in Burke, Virginia while raising our teenaged sons, working fulltime jobs, and also investing many hours a week building a business.  Many times after work, we would check in with the boys, and then head back out for meetings.  These meetings would last late into the night.

On one particular night, right after returning from one of those meetings, it was very late and very dark outside.  I was in the front yard, on the driveway, walking our dog.   I was never afraid being outside at night with Taylor (our dog) because he was a good guard dog, and I knew if someone was around he would bark and warn me.

This night would be a little different.

While I was moving toward the grassy area, suddenly I felt an extreme evil presence.  I can’t really explain that feeling, except to say that all at once I felt a dark, heavy presence around me, the hairs on my neck and arms stood straight up on my body, and I just kind of froze on the spot.

I had never before felt oppressive fear like that until that very moment.  

At the same time I was thinking, “the dog’s not barking it must be ok.”  As soon as these feelings and thoughts manifested within me, out of the blue,  I was surrounded by a bright flash of blue and white light.  The kind of light that comes from a sparkler.  It was like a flash of light that kind of just whooshed and engulfed me in the middle of it.  In a second it was over…I just stood there in shock for a moment, and then just walked into the house.  I don’t remember telling my husband, and I know I did not tell my sons.

I am not sure of what it was, but I do have my thoughts about the experience.

But it gets weirder.

A day or so after that experience, I was backing out of the driveway.  My youngest son was in the backseat.  I was turned around, checking to make sure all was clear behind me as I backed out.  All at once, that same flash surrounded us.  I was a little in shock that it happened again.  Slowly, I turned back around, not saying anything to my son.

He then said, “mom, what was that?”  Ok, I wasn’t crazy – he saw it, too!

That brings me to a few nights ago, when my hubby and I were out for dinner and a drink.  He shared with me that when we lived in Burke, he saw that same flash TWICE.  At the time, he had no clue what it was, so he told himself it must be heat lightning.

One thing I can tell you…it was not heat lightning.  And even if it was, what would be the odds of heat lightning occurring in the same place on four separate occasions?

So, there you have it.  One of the many “paranormal” or just plain unexplainable events of my life.

Any thoughts?


32 thoughts on “Flash of Light

  1. Unexplainable and eerie, for sure. It is more than comforting that our Heavenly Father watches over us.


  2. I’m curious as to what everyone comes up with. Will definitely check back. You said you never felt fear. What did you feel. I’m frightened just reading this.


    • I did feel fear…a fear like I never felt before. I definitely felt an evil presence. (I will edit the post to clarify)


    • I had that same experience happened only 21 and out of that time alive just witnessing that experience once seemed rare enough.first time was about 5 years ago,I was playing basketball at a neighbors front driveway with about 6 or 7 people.out of nowhere there was this white light that surrounded me and everything else disappeared in the light and lasted for a nanosecond.i brought it up and only 2 to 3 of the people witnessed it too and were all female.they said the same thing..the last experiance I had was when I was sitting inside in the cafeteria in rehab down in Springfield IL about 30 days ago, it was evening but not night yet.the wall to the left of me were open with windows.the people sitting around me which were 2 others out of the 20 in the cafeteria. Same exact quick bright flash that nobody else even notices.i brought it up and one of the two thought that was strange but the other one thought it was a camera coming from outside.he was just trying to put logic behind it.what it was I don’t know but I’m relieved you had this experiance too.When I was in the light it was a weightless feeling.Ive seen other weird things with friends but that isn’t relevant.


      • I understand exactly what you are saying. The flash was a bright light as I’ve never seen before, and it happened in a flash. It was surreal. My husband and my son saw it later…so it was not just me. In my heart, I know it had to do with spiritual warfare, and that we were being protected.

        Thanks so much for reading and for your comment:-)


  3. I know one thing… evil comes disguised as an angel of light … and the chariot in the sky on the Old Testament… Well, all evil in disguise. I’m actually writing about it in my book. I too have experienced this very strange stuff. If you felt evil present then I’d say it was. Your spirit knew.

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  4. Wow! That’s all I can say. Maybe you should write about it for Chicken Soup for the Soul’s next book…deadline Oct’s about miracles and wonders.
    I’m sure there are many explanations, but don’t know that you’ll find out this side of heaven. Wonderful to know that despite your fear, God had His hand over you.


  5. I thought much about this post this weekend, before I replied. Of course none of us can say what truly happened. I want to ask you something though. When this light came, did peace follow? If it did to me that would mean there was most assuredly someone from heaven watching over you. In my thinking, if we have peace after such an occurrence as this, then it is God protecting us in whatever form or fashion He so chooses. Just a thought. God Bless, SR


    • Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts.

      After the flash of light surrounded me, I was no longer afraid, but in shock. I didn’t know how to process what happened, so I just pointed myself in the direction of the house and started walking.

      The reason I thought it might be an angel protecting me, was because of that evil presence I had felt right before the flash. I only felt that type of evil/fear one other time that I can remember, but this was more dark and intense than the other event.

      There were two other occasions in my life where I heard my angel. (male voice) I posted about one in the past: and another time when I fell asleep at the wheel while driving my soon to be husband and friend home from a night out…many years ago. I can still remember all the events like they happened yesterday.

      Yes, I do believe it was heavenly protection. God was with me, as He is with all of us. For some reason, sometimes, we are given a glimpse into the spiritual world.

      Love and blessings, Bernadette


      • Hey Bernadette,

        The reason I asked you was because of this. As you said on one of my post, “it is confession time.” For about two years, a few years ago, something would come and sit on my bed at night. If I was awake I felt it, if I was asleep it would wake me up. It felt as if, say your husband would come and sit on the bed.

        Anyways, I knew within my heart of hearts it was something extremely evil. It creeped me out and all I knew is it was some sort of dark entity. After about two years of it, and it really happened every single night, I was praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. When I did all of a sudden a glass shattered in my bathroom. It was very loud.

        I knew immediately whatever was on that bed, was gone! My dog jumped up and went and sat on the edge of the bathroom door and I got up, as it sounded as if someone had thrown a rock through the window.

        There was no shattered glass anywhere. Nothing had fallen, no broken pieces, nothing! I had such peace though, and nothing has ever sat on my bed again! Thank God!

        I do not know to this day what it was, but I do know whatever it was, was “wrong” and I always got the feeling it wanted to harm me in some way. I never saw or heard anything, just that constant sitting on the bed.

        I pray at night and I think finally the Chalet of Divine Mercy won out. I truly believe it took Jesus to get rid of whatever it was.

        As you, I have many stories such as this, or knowing something/someone has crossed over from the other side. We cannot explain it, and I do not try. I do not share these experiences often, as others see you as a “nut.” At times that is how you feel. I usually know though what “side” it is coming from, as one will have peace and the other will make me “fear” and “question.”

        As I read the Bible it is not as unusual as we think. Moses and Elijah came at the Transfiguration. We see Satan going back and from earth to heaven. We see St. Michael talking to the devil. Many of the Saints saw and heard the Blessed Mother, Jesus, and the devil. I think a lot of times, it is when our spirits reach that spiritual realm inside of us, these things become to come into our lives. We are spiritual beings even though we do not think of ourselves as such. We think we are flesh and blood only, and that is not the case. The flesh only houses the spirit. When we strive to be spiritual beings, I believe the spiritual world is going to open up to us. From both sides. God Bless, SR

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  6. Matthew 28:2-3 New King James Version (NKJV)

    2 And behold, there was a great earthquake; for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door,[a] and sat on it. 3 His countenance was like lightning, and his clothing as white as snow.


  7. I have heard of lights experiences before. I’m curious have you prayed and meditated about this as a family? or yourself? If you have heard of Kundalini experience, that’s another thing, it’s more about bio-kinetics that we are all born with. Some people experience it more than others.


    • Perpetua, I have prayed together with my Priest/Confessor. I have had other experiences that have happened throughout my life, so I finally made an appointment with him, and just unloaded all of it:-) After he prayed over me, I felt such love, peace and lightening of spirit. Since that time, my relationship with the Lord has become much more intimate. I trust that the Lord is guiding me and will reveal His purpose in me.

      From the little info I just read about “Kundalini experience”, it did not feel like that. It was simply me feeling an intense evil, the flash engulfing me, and then the evil feeling was gone. That is why I believe it was my angel protecting me.

      Thank you for your questions and thoughts:-)


      • Thank you for sharing this, Bernadette. The peace, love and intimacy with God are definitely the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I can relate to that. When I can sense the presence of evil I invoke the name of Jesus Christ and say this over and over again “In the Name of Jesus, I command you to leave me.” Angels come in so many forms in disguise from my dreams to reality. It is comforting that God has Angels for us. Pax Perpetua.


  8. Hi SR,

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I definitely do not think you’re a “nut.” Then I would have to think I am a nut, too! So happy you had the Chaplet in your spiritual toolbox:-)

    Through the years, I have had many ‘different’ experiences that can’t be explained. A couple that were dark or scary, some were confusing, and others that brought peace or protection. I have learned to pray to God for His protection and love to surround me when these things happen now. I have also learned to stay away from New Age stuff, and also horror or ufo movies/books. I do not want to leave any doors open for Satan to invade.

    The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is a beautiful and very powerful prayer. At Church I picked up a movie and book about St. Faustina. Wow! Very interesting, and the book read like a prayer.

    You are so right; there are many references to angelic events in the Bible and also Moses and Elijah at the Transfiguration. Many of the saints had supernatural experiences. I love to read the stories of the saints…so many different people with different backgrounds and gifts. Many of the stories amazed and even shocked me at times. (St Augustine)

    Because of my experiences, I have always KNOWN that the spiritual realm exists. I know there is a heaven, hell, angels and demons. I also know that God is perfect love, and His fullness is in the Blessed Trinity. So happy that we have Jesus to love us intimitely and extend his mercy on us:-)

    Your sister in Christ,


  9. I understand. I have seen and felt and experienced this realm. The Lord is with you and He is showing You His mighty right arm of protection. And your family too. What a blessing, thank you Jesus!

    It reminds me of two verses:

    “And I myself will be a wall of fire around it,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I will be its glory within.’” Zechariah 2:5

    “Lord, how many are my foes!
    How many rise up against me!
    2 Many are saying of me,
    “God will not deliver him.”
    3 But you, Lord, are a shield around me,
    my glory, the One who lifts my head high.
    4 I call out to the Lord,
    and he answers me from his holy mountain.” Psalm 3:1-4

    God’s peace surrounds you. I look forward to reading more! Thanks, Diana


    • Diana,
      Thank you so much for affirming my belief that it was a Godly Presence of protection that surrounded me that day. Also, thank you for the two Bible verses. (very powerful and comforting)

      I look forward to reading more of your blog, too! There were some posts about the Jezebel Spirit which I never heard of before. I will go back and reread, it was very interesting and eye opening information. I have been able to ‘discern’ spirits most of my life…although for most of that time I did not understand the gift I had, I can physically feel the spirit…especially the “Jezebel Spirit” you are speaking of. I can even feel it through a letter, post or email, or I can feel someone’s depressed or dark spirit when they are miles from me. In the past, I did not understand these gifts I have…now when I feel those negative spirits, I pray for those people God sends me, and try to help them in some way. I can also discern and “feel” the spirit of love…Jesus. Any thoughts or recommendations for me regarding this?

      May God continue to bless you!


  10. Entities pass thru constantly on this plane of existence. They are souls who couldn’t or wouldn’t move on to their next incarnation. Wasn’t it Einstein who said matter can not be destroyed just changed. Soul come and go and sometimes those light you see are them… It’s all good


  11. Having studied light in the Scriptures I suspect those flashes were God letting you know he was there to protect you. Jonh 8:12 states, “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” Think more about your experiences, and enjoy God’s light.


    • Julie, thank you for the Bible Verse and also for your enlightening words of wisdom. “those flashes were God letting you know he was there to protect you.” You help me to realize that I don’t need to “understand” every little detail of events, but know in my heart and soul that God is there to love me and protect me. As he is for all his children:-)

      Thanks again, and God bless you and your family! Bernadette

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  12. Your post and all the comments that follow have really gotten me thinking! Very interesting post! Thanks for following my blog!


  13. I have had a number of unexplainable experiences, including how I know things that I never studied. Only God knows why and that’s something I simply learned to accept.

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    • Yes, I am learning to simply accept the Lord’s direction and his will for me, realizing that sometimes I won’t understand the direction or the experiences. Thank you for your input. Your love and desire to do God’s will inspires me greatly!


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