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How Long Will You Choose to Wait?


Thought this was worth reposting:

Today, I received the following words to share with you.  I pray that they touch your heart, as they did mine,  and help you to grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Why are you fighting against me?  You have heard that quiet voice in your heart as I speak to you…but you tune me out.  You have felt the direction that I am guiding you toward; however, you ignore me and continue on your familiar path.  You see the wonder and beauty of my creation all around you each day, but you choose to skim over all those beautiful sights  I specifically  place in front of your eyes, and replace them with worldly glitter and gaudy replications.  And you wonder why you feel unhappy and that  “there is something missing”.

What are you waiting for?  Why do you keep me waiting, with my arms outstretched in love?  I ask you again, how long will you wait?

Are you waiting until you have time?  What is keeping you from me?

Is it…



Date Nights




Music, Concerts




Addictions or pleasures



Or just waiting for the “perfect” time…


Take a moment now to breathe in the peace of my spirit.  You do not have to live without my grace and love any longer…it just takes a daily decision to want to be in relationship with me.  All that I ask is that you open your heart, and allow me to live within you.  Allow the Holy Spirit to heal the darkness that you are fighting to hide deep within yourself.   You feel far away from me because of the darkness that lurks…I understand that darkness and am waiting for your invitation for me to wipe it away  and replace it with my light.

It is your decision…how long will you choose to wait?


With more love than you can imagine,






18 thoughts on “How Long Will You Choose to Wait?

  1. Absolutely wonderful. I shared with FB family and asked them to share with others. Love to love you 🙂

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  2. It’s an open invitation…isn’t it? I hope you have much love and light in your world! ❤


  3. Shelly,

    So true! It is amazing how the Lord speaks to us when we are quiet enough to listen.

    May God continue to bless you:-)

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  4. Loved this! If only we would take the time to slow down and connect with our Lord and Savior the peace, comfort and hope we could experience.

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  5. So powerful, yet so gracious!


  6. Lovely words to be told over and over again. Thank you.

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  7. I don’t think this is a message we can ever hear too much of. Thank you for sharing this beautiful reminder today.

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  8. Awesome blog, glad I stopped in!


  9. I LOVE this sooooo important teaching that is often repeated in the bible as “He who has ears OUGHT to hear”

    Mt. 11:15; Mk. 4:9 & Lk. 8:8

    Right understanding is a GIFT of the Holy Spirit.

    God Bless you, another GREAT post!



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