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Sometimes the Lord works ever so gently in our lives, that for a time, we are totally unaware of the personal healing that is occurring from the inside out.

This morning I was thinking of the changes that have occurred in my heart in the past few years.  Although I am now aware that Jesus was with me and loved me throughout my whole life (as He is with and loves you), a special moment happened to me, which is described on my About Page , that guided me to an intimate relationship with Jesus, and completely changed the course of my life.

What drew me so close to Jesus?  It was His mother.

After many years of closing my heart to the pure love and sweetness of Mary, the mother of God, out of the blue came the overwhelming calling to pray the rosary!  It was like I almost did not have a choice, the calling was so strong.  I started praying the rosary every day, meditating on events in the life of Jesus and his family, and also meditated on the humble and open spirit of Mary.

Mary led me to her Son, Jesus.  I no longer just knew about Jesus, I started to know Jesus personally.  His love and his presence captivated and held me in his peace and love.  While I meditated on the rosary, which is based on scripture, I started praying for specific intentions for friends, family and coworkers.  Miracles started happening all around me, with many prayers being answered, and many lives being changed.  The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the people in need around me, and also opened my ears to His whispers of those I am called to pray for.

So, I have been thinking…how has my relationship with Jesus changed my life?  There are a few things that come to mind.  Maybe you have noticed some of the same changes in your life?


No matter what happens from day to day, I know in my heart that the Lord will turn every situation toward good, both for me and His Kingdom.

When I meet or know of someone who is living in an ungodly way, I know that it is the evil of Satan that has infiltrated his/her life and heart.  If it is someone I have the opportunity to talk with, I focus on learning about what they have experienced in life, and get to know the Jesus that lives in their heart.  I share His love with them.  If it is someone that I know of, but do not have the opportunity to personally minister to, I pray for him/her…a lot…as in that person almost becomes a part of me for the time I am called to pray.

I have a calmness of spirit that I never had in the past.

The desire for mindless entertainment has left me.  I am extremely selective with music, books, TV shows, and movies.

In the past, I was very preoccupied with the paranormal.  I could not get enough of watching, reading and researching ufo phenomenon, aliens, ghosts, mediums, paranormal “powers”, demonic possessions, etc.  I literally was obsessed with those subjects, and because of my ability to “feel spirits” I was deceived into thinking I should develop my so called “powers.”  A visit with my priest, who I shared all of this with, lead to him praying over me, and instantaneously I was healed.  While I was being prayed over, I physically felt a dark spirit being lifted up through my body and out of the top of my head.  I felt a lightness and pureness of spirit that I never felt before, and those temptations or interest never returned.  Praise God!

The Lord has blessed me with a keen sense of discernment.  My eyes have been opened to see both the goodness and the very real evil that is around us every day…including the evils of promiscuity, homosexual behavior and homosexual “marriage”, abortion (the slaughter of the innocents which is Satanic), pride, and rebellion.

The Holy Spirit has gifted me with the ability to discern spirits.  I feel the spirit of most people I meet…sometimes even from a distance.  No matter what the person conveys through actions or speech, the Lord allows me to see straight through to their heart.  In that way, I know what intentions need prayed for.

I feel more love for all people, and desire for them to know Christ.

All in all, the most prevalent change in my life is the complete faith that God is with me, and with all of His children, every minute.  God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit is one with me.  He lives inside of me, and I live in Him.

Wherever we walk, it is Holy Ground, because we carry Him with us.  Isn’t that amazing?

And, no, life is not always easy.  And we will all fall and sin.  However, Jesus is always there loving us, and He is always waiting for us to confess, repent, and get back up to follow Him and enjoy His presence in our lives.

What changes has your relationship with Jesus brought to your life?



16 thoughts on “Changed

  1. Beautiful reflection, as always. Thank you. You have blessed me today. I hope all is well. God’s blessings continue to be poured upon you and yours.

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  2. Thank you for stopping by and for your thoughtful comment:-) May God continue to bless you.



  3. Oh, my! I could never have enough time and space to list all that Jesus has changed in my life…in short I am a totally different person with peace and joy in my life. I could not make it through a day without Him. Hugs and blessings

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  4. WOW!

    I’m a trained and practicing “Marian Catechist” and am Blessed to have had a personal relationship with Mary for many years.

    I agree there is no better way to way to learn to love Jesus than to model Mary’s love for Her Son. By going through Her we learn about a Mothers live; and that is powerful. What a wonderful charism you have been gifted with.

    No doubt Christ is pleased with how you use it.

    “May Mary be always on our lips and remembrance of Her always in our hearts”

    Continued Blessings,


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    • There is so much to learn and so much love to be shared! A Mother’s love is all encompassing…Mary wants for us to have eternal life, and always leads us to her son. 🙂

      Blessings and peace to you,


  5. Amen!!! 🙂

    Love and peace in Christ,


  6. direct, personable and powerful.

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  7. What a wonderful testimony to Mary’s desire to lead us to Jesus. Thank you for a beautiful post!

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  8. Ive known to be a Christian for years yet there are so many times I fail and fall. This post is speaking to me at a time when Im in deep sin and cannot feel Christ. Pray for me

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    • Dearest Vinodhini,

      Thank you so much for reaching out. You are not alone. All of us…your Christian sisters and brothers are sinners, and we fall time and again. You would be surprised to know how alike we all are in our sins and struggles.

      Jesus knows your heart He knows that you are struggling and he knows exactly where that struggle and pain originate from. His love for you is so overwhelming and intense, that if you could actually feel it right now in its fullness, it would take your breath away.

      Know that Jesus is with you ESPECIALLY when you can’t feel Him. All that He asks is that you humble yourself before Him, ask His forgiveness, and repent…He will fill you with His Holy Spirit and heal you, layer by layer.

      I will pray for you daily, and ask for the Lord to cover you in His mercy, love and grace.

      If you would like to “talk”, please feel free to email me at

      Your sister in Christ,

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  9. Bernadette, Thank you for this post and for your thoughts on my new prayer corner. Your thoughts here about praying the rosary took the words right out of my mouth. I want to post soon about my own experience, but it’s still so new. Like you, I believe I’ve come to know and love Jesus more deeply as a result of praying the rosary…imagining the feelings of desperation Mary must have felt when she found Jesus was not with their group…I’ve felt those moments of panic with my own children. Or her gentle nudging of Jesus when she knew Jesus’ time had come; her sorrow and helplessness when she found she could not carry His burdens for Him; her joy at His resurrection; her care and nurturing of His adopted disciples. The stories are filled with depth of insight for any mother or parent and I found a sense of reverence I sometimes have trouble tapping into. Did the physical presence of the prayer corner help? I think so in that it has given me a place of silence and solitude where I know I won’t be disturbed…but even more it has prompted me to finally begin to learn to pray the rosary in earnest. What a blessing. Thank you for your friendship and many continued blessings on your ministry. Mary

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    • Mary,

      Thanks so much for commenting and sharing about your experience with Mary bringing you closer to Jesus.

      A quiet place of meditation is a wonderful way to have “alone time” with Our Lord. May God continue to bless you and bring you closer to Himself:-)

      I look forward to reading your story about your special experience with Mary and the rosary.


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  10. Very moving insight! I love to hear about a person’s introduction to Jesus and in getting to know Him, developing a lasting relationship that defies all human wisdom. He’s great like that! Love you! 🙂

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  11. He sure is great like that! He’s always right there with us, and He waits for us notice and invite Him in:-) Just like you, I love to hear the stories of faith journeys, and how all of our lives are intertwined according to His purpose.



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