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A Glimpse


Today I would like to share something that actually gave me chills when it happened.  There is really no exact explanation, however, I do believe it was one of those blessings that come as a glimpse from heaven…allowed by our Heavenly Father.

My three sisters and I are working through our grieving processes regarding our mother’s passing pretty well, at our individual paces.  Honestly, I feel as though my mom is a part of me, and for the most part, any tears cried now are tears of joy for who she was, and the love she brought to our family and all those that she touched.  The only way I can describe the way I feel, is that my mom’s spirit permeates my whole being.

My husband and I are enjoying our time together…the first time we are “alone” since our sons were born.  We are having fun going out, spending quiet time together, just enjoying each other.  Although my mom is in my heart, I am not dwelling on her passing away.  It just IS.

About a week ago, I wore one of the special pairs of earrings that I had given my mom as a birthday gift.  They are small flowers made of sparkly crystals.  Each petal is a different color, and my mom LOVED color!  The day after I wore them, for some reason the thought went through my head that my mom was wearing those earrings when she was dead, and those same earrings were in my ears.  The thought came and went without much thought.

That same night I had a dream of my mom coming back to our home.  In my dream I kept thinking, “Mom you died, how can you be back here?” but I couldn’t bring myself to say those words to her.  I felt bad because all of her clothes and things were gone, so I told her I had given away most of her stuff.  But I went downstairs to retrieve the little miniature case with the miniatures that represented years of memories for her.  I wanted her to have something that belonged to her and would help the room to be “homey” for her.  When I came upstairs, she was outside running in the grass.  With no cane or walker.  You see, she had used a cane when she first came to live with us, then progressed to a walker, then a wheelchair.  When I saw her outside, she was carefree and happy.

When I woke up, I was filled with a warm feeling about my mom being in heaven with Jesus.  I described the dream to my husband, and then went on with my day.  I didn’t think much about it after that.

A few days later I was talking to one of my sisters.  She told me that she had a troubling dream a few days before, and that she didn’t understand why she would dream something like that.

She told me that in her dream there was a woman that died, and that someone took the earrings out of the dead woman’s ears and put them in hers.  She didn’t know who the woman was or what the dream may have meant.  The hair on my arms and neck stood straight up and I got chills as soon as she said it.  I remembered my thoughts about mom’s earrings on that same day, and shared it with her.  I also told her about my dream about mom.

There was a moment of silence while my sister processed what I said.  She then soulfully said, “Mom visited you that night to let you know she is ok.”

I am not quite sure how or why these kinds of things happen.  However, I do know that the kingdom of heaven is a real place and state of being.  I also know that God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit reside there with all the angels and saints.  And sometimes, I believe, we are allowed a glimpse of the joy of that kingdom.



12 thoughts on “A Glimpse

  1. Our God is simply amazing

    Continued Blessings


  2. There is so much we must take by faith. He is our loving Father and I believe He allows us a peek now and then of a wonderful place called Heaven. His assurances to us are the assurances one would provide a small child…as we are His children.

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  3. What a loving touch from our Lord. His ways are so much higher than ours that we can’t begin to understand or explain such a sweet dream of your mother!

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  4. Thank you for sharing I believe that heaven is closer then we think.

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  5. Dreams are a gift from above maybe… Made me think of some of my own dreams…

    Thank you Aunty…

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  6. My priest once told me that visions and dreams that lead you closer to Jesus are from the Lord. Sometimes they are just for your own personal relationship with Him, and sometimes they are meant for others, too.

    God bless you, Vinodhini. I have been thinking of you:-)


  7. Several years ago my best friend had breast cancer. We prayed constantly for an earthly healing. She was unable to walk and her bones were breaking from all the cancer. She was miserable. One night I had a dream that she was running through a field. She had knocked on my door and there she happy. She passed away a few days later. I know that the Father was gently preparing me for her healing…in heaven. Thanks for sharing your story. God is truly good to us.

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    • Thanks for sharing about your friend…what a beautiful gift the Lord gave you to help you prepare for her passing to heaven. God is truly good to us, and when we pursue Him and His love and mercy, we catch glimpses we may have missed or ignored in the past.

      Love and peace,

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