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Welcome to Our World!



Yesterday our first grandchild was born, and our little world was once again changed in a way we could not imagine.    Little sweet Brayden opened his eyes after a very long labor, to finally break through into the sights, sounds and feel  of this world.

I thought I already loved my son and daughter in law as much as humanly possible.  I thought wrong.  After sharing in their experience long distance,  the intensity and scope of pain that  my daughter in law, Melissa endured, and watching my son, Joe, being there for her, my heart is just overflowing in love for them and for this sweet baby who will change their hearts and lives forever.  The struggle and pain of the labor that Melissa suffered through was evident.  However, sometimes, we are never fully aware of the pain and helplessness that is felt when one  is called to watch a loved one suffer.  Joe was there to support and help to make his wife as comfortable as possible, however, he was unable to take away or lessen her pain.

Melissa was the chosen one for this particular labor of love.  She was the one who said yes when she received the news of pregnancy.  She was the one Brayden3who chose to be more aware than usual of what she ate, drank and participated in during her pregnancy.  She was the one who sacrificed each day…to assist God with the miracle growing inside of her.

She said yes to this divine purpose for her life at this time.    Joe said yes to being her husband; to being there always to love, honor, respect, and protect her and this new baby, in any way that it took.  And yesterday, that meant saying yes to being helpless as he watched his wife suffer so much pain.

Little Brayden has already started the change that will occur in all the lives he touches.  When my husband and I look at the pictures of our new grandson, we see a miracle.  It is almost overwhelming that our son now has a son.  We also know how the Lord will use this little one to mold and teach all of us…but most of all, his parents.  They will learn love in a way they never thought possible.  They will learn what it truly means to be selfless.  They will experience joy like never before, but will also experience doubts, confusion, frustration, and the ups and downs that life brings.Brayden2

Each one of us has a unique purpose, and must journey down the individual road that God has paved for us.  We all have our own vocations and gifts.  For Joe and Melissa their journey is starting with their newborn son that God blessed them with.  For others it might be a different path.  However, the path that the Lord paves for all of us is in love and through love…and is meant to draw us closer to Him. 

Will we choose to say yes?

Welcome to our world and to our family, baby Brayden!  We thank God for you and look forward to being a part of your life, watching you grow, and learning from your innocence and wide-eyed wonder!



29 thoughts on “Welcome to Our World!

  1. Congratulations AND prayer of thanksgiving

    The loving just keeps getting better

    Great grandpa Pat (Poppie)

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  2. Welcome to our world indeed, sweet Brayden! As usual, Berni, your words are eloquent and heartfelt. Congratulations and welcome to the grandparents club!😘

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  3. God has blessed our family with this sweet innocent child. Welcome to the family, Brayden!

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  4. “They will know what it means to be selfless.” You have the right!! And isn’t it amazing that we can’t begin to comprehend the depth of love until we have children. When I gave birth to my firstborn–who was a boy– I wept because I grasped (as best we can) how much God, the Father loved His Son Jesus and the cost for Him to see His Son die on the cross. Then again, how do we grasp the Father’s love for us! Just saying, having children redefines love!

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    • Karen, thank you very much!
      It has taken me a lifetime of love and family/friend relationships to help me learn what it means to be selfless. I must admit, I am still a work in progress, however, my sons, husband, and family have taught me much:-)))) Or shall I say the Lord taught me much through them!


  5. Congrats dear aunty.,.. Dear Brayden, you are too lucky to have a very sweet gradma..!!!

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  6. Dear Bern, every sentence you wrote got an echo in my heart…this baby is so special…all babies are, but I’m truly looking forward to watch my new great nephew grow and keeping track of his journey through life and where it takes him! Wow! Dear Melissa did a wonderful job, as did Joey. I know that Joey’s presence truly showed her his love and made her stronger, helping her to get through it. Joey was God’s gift to her and to Brayden, just as she and Brayden were God’s gift to him. Real love always seems to be reciprocal…an exchange! Isn’t it beautiful how it works?


  7. What a beautiful and inspiring welcome to your precious new grandson. You might love a book entitled Grandmother’s Prayers. I don’t recall the author’s name, but it will bless you in your new role.

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  8. Ohhh what a beautiful gift from God😊 He is absolutely BEAUTIFUL🙂 I know that you all are beside yourselves☺️ Our son is a sophomore in college, and baby days are a ways out. It is truly amazing the gift of life. We experience it through the birth of a baby, and sometimes never make the parallel of how it is ALL one in the same as when we accept Christ in our heart. We learn through innocence and wide-eyed wonder. 🤔
    We serve an amazing God. What a privilege 🙂
    Enjoy your family and have so much fun and love with baby Brayden❤️😬👶🏼

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  9. Congratulations, Bernadette! That is one beautiful baby. Grandchildren take us into a whole new dimension of love – that’s for sure! They are a culmination of love! Many years of enjoyment and blessing await.

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  10. Congratulations, what a beautiful blessing!! 🙂


  11. Congratulations on your new little miracle and you will now have a special love that no one else can explain……grandchildren are so very special and touch our hearts in a magnificent way! I am so happy for you all. Much love.


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