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An Adventure of Love


My husband and I will be married 38 years on April Fool’s Day. (funny we chose that day, huh?)  Our life together has been an adventure up to this point.   With our sons and their wives living across country, and now our first

The Beginning of Something Good

The Beginning of Something Good

grandchild being so far away from us, our lives are being lead to an oncoming  season of change and even more adventure.

This morning, as we were commuting to work together,  a quick flash of memories filled my head.

The first moment Joe and I locked eyes.

I was seventeen, and he was 18.  He always says that he knew I was “the one” since the first time he laid eyes on me, when I went in to the “Strouss Terrace Room Restaurant”, interviewing for a part time waitress position.  He was a bus boy.  We were seniors in different high schools, and were both referred to that particular restaurant through family members.  The manager of the restaurant was Esther, who had been a friend of my mother’s when they were teens.  Esther loved my mom and would have hired me without an interview.

Funny how each and every decision, and every person we meet, has a purpose in either our future, or someone else’s.

My vision this morning was the moment we first saw each other as naïve teens, and then flashes of our life together since that moment.

I saw Joe with his arm around me, pulling me in for our first kiss.  He, with his light sprinkling of freckles, and his beautiful, warm, liquid brown eyes.  I felt safe when I was with him, like I was “home.”

I saw us walking down the aisle in “The Little Chapel of Bells” in California, and vowing to take each other from that day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, according to God’s holy ordinance.     We did not understand what those words meant at the time, (of course we thought we did!) however, we have gone through so much together since then, and understand the “for better for worse” part very well now.

I saw the birth of our two sons, and how they changed us for the better.  Change never comes easy…children are one of God’s ways of teaching us what it means to really love and be selfless.  That change and growth takes a lifetime, and the Lord works His will through us in a way that we don’t even realize what is happening.  Funny how we always think we are in charge and we think we know so much…as Our Heavenly Father weaves everlasting beauty out of  the  messes we create with the rags of our “we can do it ourselves” mentality.

I saw the misery of the times when we were both so unhappy, and were right on the edge of giving up and divorcing…because although we both knew we loved each other, we had no clue about what marriage really meant, and even less of a clue on how to be happy.  That was until we locked eyes one more time, through tears, and made the decision to stay married and learn how to be happy. 

That was also the moment that we invited God into our marriage, and asked for His help.  He did not let us down.  Even when we didn’t realize it, He was working in the unseen…leading and guiding us toward Him.  Especially when we were stumbling and falling time after time.

I saw our two sons as babies, little boys, teenagers, and as the men they are now.  They, and their beautiful wives, have brought true joy into our lives.

Blessed by Timeless Love

Then I saw the face of our new grandson, and the reality of what God started so many years ago is shining through those beautiful, clear blue eyes! 

And the thought hit me…this is just the beginning.

So many more blessings ahead for each and every one of us, as we continue to keep our hearts open to Jesus and simply trust Him, who loves us.


For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.  Philippians 1:6



18 thoughts on “An Adventure of Love

  1. Parallel lives yet again…..we’ve been married 36 years, two sons and daughter-in-law (no grand babies though). I actually spoke to a group of young moms yesterday about marriage…and the reality of it all. It was so similar to your post. I am so glad we can still see the “beginnings”. We could not have made it without Jesus…and He has been forever faithful! Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary friend!

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    • Yes, we have a lot of similarities. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and stories to get to know you better.

      You are so right…Jesus makes all the difference! Thanks for the good wishes:-)

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  2. Beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing

    CONTINUED Blessings


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  3. And continued blessings to you, Patrick!


  4. Congratulations! Marriage is the most wonderful gift from God. What a great story of your journey with Christ!

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  5. Beautiful story…thanks for sharing.


  6. I love victory stories! Praise God for positive role models. Congratulations!


  7. This is so beautiful! What an encouragement to others and what a tremendous gift your life’s choices are to your kids and will be to your grandchildren. As the Lord showed me once – we go through life feeling as if we’ve been doodling, only to look back and see that we’ve created a masterpiece! What a beautiful and cool-looking couple!


    • Thank you, Tina! It’s always in the “looking back” that we can see the patterns of our lives and how God has worked through us. (especially when we were at our weakest!)


  8. What a fabulous love story! I bet your eyes still light up when he enters a room! The secret to any great and lasting marriage is to place God at the Center of it all. It’s obvious you have both done that. He kept my husband Dave and I together through the ups and downs which happen in time. His purpose for you two and us outweighs our desires and I praise God for it all. How I love seeing my husband standing up there preaching what the Holy Spirit directed him to say. Life is so good and can only get better, right? Blessings and congratulations on a marriage well done!

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  9. What a lovely true love story, thanks for sharing!

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