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The True Women’s March


unknownToday, as the 2017 March for Life is in progress, as it has been since the first march in 1974, I come to you humbled and contrite.

You see, since the so called women’s march that occurred last Saturday, I have been trying to stand for life in the wrong way.  I have allowed the anger and hopelessness to overtake me, allowing it to permeate into my own heart.  I actually could FEEL the presence of Satan…darkness, anger, cynicism, hopelessness, sadness, pride, hate, and confusion.

I made two grave mistakes.  The first is that I did not pray ernestly for the Lord to work through me and to cover me with His armor.  And the second mistake was allowing myself to get into a conversation…an argument…with the devil online.

With the Lord’s help and protection, I will not make those mistakes again.

How do I know that my standing in support of the voiceless unborn is the right choice, and that it is from God?  How do I know that a baby growing in her mother’s womb, that should be the safest place in the world, should always be given the right to life…to be born?  How do I know that the mother, that chooses to kill her unborn baby, will suffer from emptiness and darkness for her whole life, until she allows her broken or stone hard heart to be opened to God’s love, mercy and forgiveness?

How do I know these things?

The evidence is in the women themselves.

The evidence is in the mockery of feminism, that was shown in its full light at the so called women’s march last weekend.  It was in the disgustingly vile signs, costumes and spewed hatred coming from the mouths of these women.  It was the ignorance and confusion of those women professing to be more than their sexuality…and then wearing vagina costumes framing their faces.  It was seen in the rabid joy of women (and also seen on children and some men ) “celebrating” their cause by crocheting and wearing “pussy hats” in solidarity.  It was seen and heard in vile speeches given by celebrities, who portray themselves in disgustingly perverted ways on  screen or  through their music, screaming hate filled messages.

Is that what womanhood and feminism means to you???

Or could it be that true feminism is rooted in a quiet love and respect for God, family, country, and the empowering knowledge that our bodies were created with the ability to conceive, carry, and give birth to the greatest gift that God can give us…the gift of life.  The gift of being a vessel of His love…and saying yes, as Our Blessed Mother, Mary,  did, to His will for us.  For in bringing another baby into this world, we are expanding Our Lord’s Kingdom.  It is so much more than us…it is greater than we can ever fathom.

The march last weekend, and the many reasons mothers seek out and kill their babies while growing in the womb, are rooted in confusion, fear, hatred, sadness, selfishness, isolation, pride, arrogance, and despair.  This was easily seen and heard while viewing the march, and listening to the protesters and speakers. The body language and the eyes to their souls sadly spoke volumes to me.

The March for Life that is occurring right now, features speakers and protesters that are rooted in love, mercy, humbleness, inner joy, faith, hope, selflessness, and the desire to reach out, with their hearts, hands and resources…to be of support to hurting  women, through the whole process of pregnancy and beyond.  To be there for them in friendship and love, helping to ensure that they, and their babies, have the support, love and necessities for as long as they need it.

Which woman are you?  What is the root of your beliefs?

Much to think about…

I ask God for forgiveness for allowing Satan to enter my heart through this past week.  I ask that He forgive me for not seeing past the actions and the vulgar, hateful  words spewed…for not looking for Him in their hearts and souls.  For not seeing the hurt and pain that reside deep within them.

For, instead of judging them, I should have been praying for love, mercy and joy to enter their hearts and lives.

Always knowing that I am too weak to always extend love and mercy on my own.  It is only when I am protected by the Armor of God…and willing to be His vessel… that HIS love may shine from my heart.

May God bless all of us and our country!




13 thoughts on “The True Women’s March

  1. So beautiful, and so many times over, yes! Thank you for reminding us we need to cover all of us in prayer – even those with whom we may disagree.

    Thank you!

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  2. It’s tough not to get caught up in the negativity. Our best defense is the rosary and prayer. Thank you for your meaningful post!

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  3. Well spoken, and we are broken over the brokenness .

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  4. Looking past the attack and knowing it is the ‘unseen’ that is attacking. You are right, put on that armor. The enemy is unseen…what you see, hear is being used by that enemy to try to get you to stand down. We will not be silenced. We will not stand down because greater is He that is within us than he that is in the world…good post.

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    • We will not stand down! The enemy and battle is in the unseen, but is brazenly revealing himself through all those who do not know the Truth. All is being brought out to the light.


  5. We battle not against flesh and blood but against the principalities and rulers of darkness. Love the sinner and pray that God’s truth and light will shine and drown out the darkness of deception. Thank you for your honestly, and a well-thought-out and written response to the march.

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  6. My husband and I went sightseeing on the day of the first women’s march. Even in that small town there was a demonstration of about two hundred campaigning for “women’s rights.” I felt sadness at their ignorance. Isn’t it amazing how those who cry out “Science is truth!!!” fails to see the Truth in a sonogram or an abortion video. That tiny little form in the womb whom God loves and chose in Psalm 139 . . . well what rights has that little girl have? This was a wonderful article and I only pray those who need to be swayed Biblically will read it. Blessings.

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  7. It is very sad, indeed. If we do not keep our eyes and hearts fixed on Jesus, it could be very overwhelming. Satan is very deceiving…and my prayer is always that eyes and ears are opened to the Truth that is before them, and for the conversion of hearts to Jesus.


  8. I admire your willingness to take action in addition to prayer. Many people need a visual image of concern! So continue the March for Life and I pray that the Lord will give you favor. Thanks for coming to my blog. I will follow. See you more often.

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