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How Praying The Rosary Changed My Life


My relationship with Jesus became  much more intimate, and my faith life, and life in general, was changed because of my relationship with His Mother. You can read a little of how that change was inspired here.

Praying and meditating on the Rosary transformed my life, and could transform yours, too.

Many people ask me about the Rosary, and do not understand why someone would pray to Mary, and not just directly to Jesus.  Although I am a cradle Catholic, I had the same questions for many years.

Until I was personally led by the Holy Spirit to meditate and pray the Rosary.

By opening my heart to Our Lord’s Blessed Mother, I was enveloped in her motherly love for me, and in and through that  love, was drawn closer and closer to her Son.  Once I realized in my soul that Mary is actually the Mother of God, the mother of Jesus, my heart was then opened to the knowledge that she is also my mother.  (think about it…if you believe that Jesus is the Son of God the Father and Mary, and God is also your Father (thus Jesus is your brother) …then it is logical to know that Mary is your Mother.  As our Mother, wouldn’t it be true that she would want what is best for us?  That she would want to guide us toward Jesus…our Savior?  That she would intercede for us to her Son, as she did at the wedding in Cana?

While praying the Rosary, there are four sets of Mysteries that are reflected on.  With prayerful meditation, these mysteries are life changing.  For information and instruction on how to pray the rosary click here.

In the chance that my meditations may be a blessing to you, I thought I would share some of my personal reflections associated with each one.  I certainly do not wish to insinuate that these thoughts are doctrines or formal teachings of the Catholic Church.  These thoughts are personal revelations or enlightenments to me, through the Holy Spirit.

The Lord will reveal Himself to you, personally, as you pray the Holy Rosary.

There are four sets of mysteries that are used for meditation on certain days of the week.  The Joyful Mysteries are said on Monday and Saturday.  Today is Monday, so I will start there.

There are five meditations associated with the Joyful Mysteries. I will cover each one.

  1.  The Annunciation  Luke 1:26-38   (For the love of humility)  Dear Lord, please help me to live my life with perfect trust in You, just as Mary did.  Help me to be your vessel…to have the openness to God’s will and the humility of Mary.  Help me to trust in you completely, even when not understanding the situation or where it may take me.   Allow me to say and have faith in Mary’s  words, “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.”
  2.   The Visitation  Luke 1:39-56  (For charity toward my neighbor)  Dear Lord, please help me to be a vessel, allowing your light and love to flow from me to the ones you place in my life.  Guide me to be understanding of the needs of my loved ones, and also any person that you place on my path.  You are perfect love.  I can never be enough myself to love your children the way that you do.  I can never fill the holes in their hearts or heal all that troubles them.  I ask that you fill my heart with You, and pour your love through me, even when I am unaware of the miracle taking place.  Help me to learn to love as you love, to see as you see, to hear as you hear.  Help me to have the spirit and faith of Mary, “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has been mindful
    of the humble state of his servant.”
  3. The Nativity  Luke 2:8-14  (For love of God)  Dear Lord, please help me to remember that You were born  into our world in poverty…placed in a manger, lovingly and with full trust in your providence, by Joseph and Mary.  Help me to understand the importance of family, and that the strength of the family is dependent on the foundation of God and His Truth, Love, and Mercy.  Help me to be open to your Love, so that I can be a reflection of You, to my family and friends.  And as I fall short, please work through me.
  4. The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple  Luke 2:22-35  Luke 2:39-40   (For a Spirit of Sacrifice)  Dear Lord, help me to always offer my life, my marriage, and my family to you, that you will use our lives to further your kingdom.  When I was a young mother, I did not understand the beauty of sacrifice, and I selfishly wanted to keep  my children for my own, only seeking their happiness in this world, and holding back from presenting them and myself to you…for your purpose.  I ask that you fill in for my ignorance and selfishness, and ask that you infuse us all with your presence, while guiding us in your light, and in your purpose.  Help us to use the difficulties in this life to bring us closer to you, and help me to remember to present myself to you each and every day, for you to work through.
  5. The Finding of Jesus in the Temple  Luke 2:41-52  (For zeal for the Glory of God)  Dear Lord, help me to always desire to be in your presence.  You knew that you belonged in your Father’s house.  Help me to have trust and faith that I too belong in my Father’s house.  Help me to always invite you into my heart, to fill me with your love, mercy, wisdom, joy, and understanding, to help me and my life glorify the Father.

May your day be blessed in the love and light of Jesus, Our Lord.  May your heart be touched through these Joyful Mysteries.

Please feel free to comment with any questions.

Pray the Rosary  A Saint Joseph Edition  A wonderful little pamphlet.


21 thoughts on “How Praying The Rosary Changed My Life

  1. Your meditations are beautiful, Bernie. I especially love that they came from your mother’s heart. Thank you for sharing them.

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  3. In the year 2008, I had a Catholic friend when I was doing my MBA and she introduced me to rosary and I did pray that for may be 2-3 months but then I forgot and never returned to it. But I’m moved to start back praying the rosary again. I feel this is a more disciplined and focused effort to mediate and pray when I am usually distracted in my prayer time. I desire to spend quality time in prayer however I am unable to do so, please pray for me that I may my body and spirit may be willing to experience the power of prayer in my life.

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  4. You are in my prayers:-) Praying the rosary is a gift to us, allowing us to become closer to Jesus, His Mother, and also helps to calm our spirits in this troubled world. May God bless you and your family!


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  7. Hello Bernadette – have you any more thoughts on mystery 4 (offering your children to God)? I am wondering if you have another post on this somewhere as I have only recently begun following your blog.

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    • Thank you very much for reading and for taking the time to comment. No, I have not written any other posts on this subject. I guess, for me, it has been an unfolding of understanding what it means to live my life for God, and what it means to be a mother. As my sons were growing, I understood my role as a parent was to always work toward the goal of them being happy and successful…according to the world’s standards. What I SHOULD have focused on, was to help guide them into learning what was God’s will for their lives. As an example…I selfishly never prayed for them to be open if God was calling either of them into the priesthood. My reason??? Because I wanted to be a grandparent. Not sure the priesthood was either of their calling…however, MY selfishness was an indication that I was not yet willing to submit myself to the will of God. I wanted to control what happened in my own way. What I have learned, is that my role as a parent, is to guide (by love, teaching, and example) them to heaven. That is the most important role of a parent, in my opinion.

      Thanks again for stopping by! Bernadette

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      • Thanks for your thoughts. I asked the question because I came across this idea in Caryll Houselander’s book ‘The Reed of God’ (meditations on Mary, but really meditations on our relationship with Christ).

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        • It’s is always a pleasure to share thoughts and feelings with each other. There is always more to learn, and we all have different life experiences and perspectives.


  8. I grew up Catholic and used to pray the rosary occasionally. I haven’t in a long time, but I still say the prayers “Glory Be”, “Hail Mary” and “Our Father” almost every day. They are a comfort to me. I appreciate you teaching about the rosary. God has been telling me to pray more, maybe I will say the rosary again sometime.

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    • Janet,

      Thank you for stopping by!

      Hopefully you will take the step forward and pray the Rosary. Our Blessed Mother will lead you closer to her son…Jesus. My life completely changed when I started praying the Rosary and reading Catholic books about our Faith and about the Saints,

      May God continue to bless you on your journey to Him! Bernadette


  9. Thank you so much my friend,

    Its sad to see so many that cannot grasp {a lack of faith and grace} that a truly GREAT way to Jesus is through His and OUR Mother Mary.

    You’re POST was a great nudge for many,

    To Jesus THROUGH Mary,

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  10. Thank you, Patrick. May God bless you and the work that you do.

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  11. I’ve been a Marian Catechist for about 30 years now. My relationship with “mom” just keeps getting better {more important to me in my Life-Faith-Walk.}

    The Rosary is among the GREATEST Spiritual gifts available to humanity.

    I pray it several times each day, and what a JOY! That is.

    Irish Blessings to you my friend on this Saint Patrick’s Day

    To Jesus THROUGH Mary,


  12. These are beautiful reflections, Bernadette, and so needed I think. Our mother, Mary, was given to not only to John, the beloved disciple, by Christ in his final words from the cross, but to us, too, and, like John, we too were given to her.

    Bishop Robert Barron, in his homilies on Mary, remind us that in the world of that time, a king’s mother — the Queen Mother — was the figure many subjects would seek out to intercede on their behalf with the king, her son. So going to Our King’s Blessed Mother is completely in keeping with this beautiful tradition. Hearing this helped me — a Catholic convert — have a deeper appreciation for our Blessed Mother.

    I’m anxious to find your other reflections on the Mysteries. Thank you for these. I pray your walk this Easter is blessed. Mary Adrienne

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  13. Thank you for your sharing your thoughts, and also the teaching of Bishop Robert Barron. It is sad that so many do not understand the beauty and role of Our Blessed Mother, in that she draws us closer and closer to her son. (I was one of those people for many years)

    God bless you. Have a beautiful and blessed Easter.


  14. Thanks for explaining the significance of the Rosary. I find the common connection from those of a different faith is the heart. Man looks on the outward appearance and the Lord judges the heart. If we allow Him to lead and lean not to our own understanding, we will all come into the truth. Meditation is a way to follow. Thanks for providing your perspective.


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