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Jesus People


There is a cute little house on the corner of our street that has an amazing sign in the front yard.  When I walk by I can’t help but “feel the love.”

The words that call out to me by my humble neighbors are “Pray for America…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.  2 Chronicles 7:14

Being that we live in a mostly liberal college town…it takes a very strong believer to be willing to publicly profess what they stand for.  

A few weeks ago, I introduced myself to the owner of the home, and shared with him how thankful we are that he has the sign posted.  He said that there aren’t too many that share our faith in this community, and he appreciated my stopping by.  I let Him know that there are probably more of us around than we realize …however, most practice their faith in a quieter fashion.

So… today is a gorgeous, sunny  California day, so hubby and I took a walk to the library.  As we passed the “Pray for America”  sign, the next driveway was a busy yard sale.  We started talking with the woman who was the “seller” and I assumed she was the woman of the house with the sign.  I introduced myself, and I asked,  “Are you the one that posted the “Pray for America” sign?  She kind of stared at me in a blank way, and then blurted out, “No, those are “The Jesus People.”  She looked toward her neighbor’s house and kind of rolled her eyes a second before I jubilantly answered back, “Well, that’s awesome, because we are Jesus People too!”

At that point, she changed the subject.

My husband and I got a chuckle out of the encounter, and although she may not have the same belief/faith system we have, she was a nice woman and we enjoyed visiting with her.  But it got me thinking…

Do the people in our daily life look at us as “Jesus People?”  Do they know by the words that come out of our mouths, the way we carry ourselves, the entertainment we partake in?  Do they see Jesus in us through our love, kindness, charity, and mercy?  Do they see something different in us..different from what they are accustomed to according to world standards?  Do they see us standing firm as Christians?  Not afraid to profess our Faith in Jesus and our love for Him?

Or are we Christians in words only, and continue to live as the world does?

I pray that in my life, Jesus works through me as a vessel, and I am identified as one of “The Jesus People.”  For that would be a blessing and the most wonderful compliment I could ever receive:-)



10 thoughts on “Jesus People

  1. You are basically voicing the same criticism of Christians that Nietzsche had in the late 1800s: that they live the same as the pagans. G K Chesterton lamented that Christianity had been found difficult and left untried. Christians need to live their faith out in their daily lives and not rely on Paul’s assertion that faith alone saves one.

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    • I agree, there are many “Christians” who are not Christ followers. However, there are many that are. No matter how hard we try, we will never be perfect. However, when invited into a heart, the Holy Spirit changes us from the inside out, perfecting us one layer at a time. Through faith in Jesus. Faith…relationship with Jesus is what saves us. It is our responsibility to align ourselves with God, always wanting to please Him in our daily choices. When we are filled with the love and mercy of Jesus, that love cannot help but burst out of us into a world in need. Those that believe that one sinners prayer guarantees salvation, no matter how their life is lived from then on, is not getting the complete picture.


  2. Great story. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. For me you have always been my set of “Jesus People” whom I’ve experienced… Love, Vinodhini

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  4. A great point on how people really see us. I pray that they see Jesus in me and see me as a follower of Jesus in everything I do. Thanks for sharing.

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