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Love Moments


Each day, we are bombarded with darkness in the news.  Story after story of atrocities are being revealed and exposed to us by the minute.  We are allowing ourselves to be guided into a sort of numbness and helplessness by the stories that are purposely chosen to be released to us through the media.

We are not being told the whole story.

Yes, this world is filled with darkness.  And in my opinion, it is a good thing that we are becoming more aware of the sin and evil that always existed in the shadows.  Now, we don’t have to look too far to discover evil…it is right in front of our faces twenty-four hours a day.

However, grace, kindness and mercy also flows around us each day.  We only need to search for goodness and ask that our eyes be opened so that we may see it.

A few months ago, I started a job at an Assisted Living Retirement Community.  The facility where I work is beautiful and offers much in the way of life enrichment.  I have fallen in love with the residents, and also with the beautiful staff that cares for them, and shows love in so many ways.

Let me share a few of the moments I have witnessed…

Wonderful exchanges between friends, where one is hard of hearing.  Watching as the one friend patiently repeats, slowly and loudly, until the friend can understand.  This happens over and over throughout the day, and I have never seen impatience or mean-spiritedness in the interactions.

One resident in particular, is a blessing to all by her calmness of spirit, and her willingness to help.  Not only does she greet and speak with each person she encounters, she has also been extremely patient and helpful with me, while I was training for my position.

Residents that are filled with pain or with bent bodies, refusing to give up.  They face each day as it comes and push forward one step at a time.  They refuse to give up.

Family members that visit their loved ones almost every day.  The daily struggle of their own lives, plus the concern and emotion they feel regarding their family members that are living at the Assisted Living Community, are very evident. They are feeling many different emotions as life pulls them in different directions.  However, they are there to share love and comfort…they are there to share themselves.  It is a beautiful thing to witness.

Many family members live too far to visit a lot.  On Mother’s Day, I watched love and pride radiate on the face of one mother when she first saw her family walk in the door.  Then my heart was pierced, along with hers, as I saw her goodbye embrace with her son, that she doesn’t see regularly… Love is such a beautiful, powerful force, that is so hard to even comprehend.  A mother’s bond with her child is unexplainable.

When someone is having an “off” day, I watch as community members try to guide their friends to socialize and participate in events.  I do not see judgement in play.  What I see is an inner knowing and understanding of the difficulties that others may be experiencing, and their concern for that person.

A hand on a shoulder, a hug, a warm smile, an invitation, a conversation, validation, acceptance, service, love…these wonderful expressions of love are all around us each day.  You may not have the opportunity to see the same love moments that I do, but I can guarantee that they are happening no matter where you are.

Look for those moments.  For when you find them, you will find Jesus.

23 thoughts on “Love Moments

  1. Such a sweet reminder. I am sure you are a blessing to that community! You have a gift for showing care and compassion.

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  2. Excellent words of positivity. We’ve forgotten the simple things in life, I’m afraid and we have so much to learn from those who have lived longer than us.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your insights, love and evident compassion.

    Just a few months ago we lost our adopted Dad {mother about a year ago}. I was raised in an orphanage for my formative years.

    Al {Dad} was my HS teacher at an all Boy’s Boarding school, and my best friend for 55+ years,. They “adopted us, and we them. For the past 30 some years we have not lived close geographically to each other; but each year they would come and visit us for a few weeks and we would do the same for them.

    When the time was “right” they choose to go into an assisted living home; hundreds of miles from where we lived, so we could only visit them occasionally {my health is failing too}. Our last visit Karen {my bride of 50 years} was rubbing Dad’s head and the mere human contact put an angelic glow on his face. I am so grateful that I took a photo of that. Love can be manifested in so many little ways.

    YOU my friend have chosen well. Thank you for sharing these stories of shared love.

    We cannot out-do God’s Love of and for US,

    Prayers and Blessings,


    • Dear Patrick, So sorry for the loss of your adopted dad and mom. They were blessings to you and I am sure you and your wife were great blessings to them:-) God has a way of sending us love in the most unexpected ways and places. And you are right…we can never outdo God’s love for us. We can only invite Him into our herts, and let Him shine His love on us and all we meet!!!

      Blessings and hugs,


  4. I just went through some unpleasant medical tests and procedures and was gifted with overwhelming compassion from everyone from the receptionist to the doctor. Good is everywhere.

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  5. What a lovely reminder of the beautiful people in the world, Bernadette. I know exactly how you feel about the residents and their families. I feel the same with those at my husband’s home. Sometimes I ponder how much I will lose if my husband passes before I do, and much of that loss will be due to the people I’ve come to love at his home.

    You are such a blessing that I know you will touch many lives in your new position.

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  6. Thanks for sharing your valuable insights,

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  7. Great post and reminder to keep our focus on others instead of only ourselves! Love your heart for others! God bless you! ❤

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  8. Love this. So encouraging! Thank you so much!

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  9. My boys have special needs. I thank God for loving people working in th ed field of assisted living. My faith sometimes falters when I imagine myself gone and wonder who will look after them?

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    • So sorry it has been such a long time for me to respond. I understand your concern, and pray that the Lord will provide your boys with the love and care they will need when you are gone. May God bless you and your boys:-)


  10. It has been a year since you blogged. Miss your blogs…your thoughts…your insight.

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    • Thank you, Butch! I miss writing, and the relationships/community. Life has been happening, and overwhelming me…hopefully, I will be writing again soon:-) Thank you for your kindness.


  11. I really like your blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. See you soon.

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