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We are All Accountable


Praying at the Planned Parenthood abortion center during 40 Days for Life, has been heart wrenching, eye opening, and humbling.  Although I am always very aware of the evil that is flippantly referred to as “abortion,” and offer prayers for the babies and all involved,  spending time in front of the actual abortion mill has been enlightening for me.  Especially during this Lenten time.

There is a mixture of people who offer themselves and commit to pray in front of the “clinics.”  During the time that I have been there, most of the ones praying at the vigil are senior citizens, however, in general, there are all age groups.   The atmosphere is prayerful toward the ones entering Planned Parenthood as clients, and also toward any staff members.  Anytime a person passes by any of the ones holding vigil, they are met with either respectful silence, or with a smile or a quiet hello.

There are a few things that really made me stop to think.

I am aware that there are many reasons that women would choose to orchestrate the killing of the baby that has been conceived in their womb.  Although I truly believe that most mothers are not fully aware that they are already mothers from the moment of conception …and they are participating in the destruction of their babies.

Society, and Planned Parenthood itself has brainwashed many women into thinking that having an abortion is merely “terminating or ending a pregnancy.” THAT IS A LIE.  Abortion is the willful killing of a baby, who is growing in what should be the most natural and safe place possible.

So, I guess I was expecting to see more sadness on the faces of the mothers  that were being walked in to the Covid 19 station in the parking lot..their boyfriends or husbands, walking with them and handing them over to the clinic to put an end to the “problem” that they are dealing with.

What I saw was mostly very young girls/women walking over to get checked in, with some turning around to point and laugh at those of us that were praying. I saw the boys/men “doing their supportive duty” by walking them to the place where babies’ lives are taken from them.  After the women are dropped off, the male companions walk around scrolling on their cellphones, wait in their cars, or briskly walk away.

My thoughts and prayers went out to the babies…that maybe some would be saved by last minute decisions, and also praying for their souls.  I prayed that the Blessed Mother and Jesus would encircle  those mothers, babies and fathers (or anyone that brought them to the abortion clinic) with love and the light of conversion.  That they would realize that they need to seek forgiveness, not only for the abortion, but in many cases, also the lifestyle that lead to the pregnancy in the first place.

Many mothers that abort their babies, suffer through years of despair and guilt before facing the horror of what they have done, making the decision to ask God for forgiveness, and repent of their sin.  The repentance includes a change in lifestyle and beliefs, and will affect all aspects of their lives, just as with any other mortal, grievous sin.  My prayer for these mothers, and all involved, is that their conversion comes quickly, so they can feel the true peace of Jesus’ Love in their hearts.

I thought about the hypocrisy and idiocy of the “Covid 19 Station” that was positioned in the parking lot before the entrance into the facility.  Let’s make sure the clients and staff are well protected with masks, thermometers, and lots of sanitizing gel…as they are led in to kill their babies.  Do they even think these thoughts?  How have we, as a society, come to this point?

Right before my time to leave, a man rode past the vigil on his bicycle.  He was screaming, “perverts, perverts, perverts” at the little group of praying senior citizens.  I don’t think that I have ever seen Satan that obvious…you see, Satan always twists and reverses good and evil.

So, as I prayed, all these thoughts were flicking on and off in my mind.  My focus was on my prayers, however, when I looked up, I couldn’t stop thoughts from forming by what my eyes were processing…however, I continued praying for all involved.  I will also pray for the people who actually live in the house directly next to the abortion mill, for I can not imagine living next door to that evil.  Hopefully, someone in that house prays for those babies and their mothers.

It is so sad and heartwrenching to watch these mothers walk into the clinic, and not be able to talk to them, comfort them, let them know they can choose life…there is much support available to them…that women are stronger than they know, capable of more than they realize, and deeply loved by the True God that created them.

We must, as a world, as a nation, as a community, as families, as Christians, continue to pray for Jesus to have mercy on us and to heal us.  We are all accountable in some way…we are all sinners.

May we humble ourselves and beg God to forgive us, heal our land, heal our Church, and heal our hearts. May we open our hearts to ways that we can be of service to those in crisis, to offer love to those that we meet everyday, and look for ways to share love and support.

And may we share the Good News with all who are suffering…that there is nothing that can keep them away from the love and mercy of God except themselves.  All it takes is a decision to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and then learn the Faith and live it.

May we all hunger to walk in the Light of Jesus, and ask his Blessed Mother and our Guardian Angels to guard us and lead us to Him.



22 thoughts on “We are All Accountable

  1. Wow, well Satan is just hard at work here. Keep praying. I hope you and the people praying (protesting) these Abortion clinics will make a positive impact! We can either repent or suffer in hell for eternity. This not only goes for every person in the United States but other countries as well.

    We are in dark times right now and we just have to be strong and trust and pray to God we are safe as we continue to fight against the evil that has invaded our lives.

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  2. That was a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Thank u for sharing such profound and deep posts. We all need to pray more.

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  4. “There is enough love in the world for every child that is created. We just don’t apply that love correctly. Or believe in it enough.” An anonymous Peace Corps volunteer talking to Matthew Ackerman
    “Even so, Lord Jesus, come!”

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  5. My heart feels yours in this post. 😦

    I volunteered for a year at a local organisation in my country that I suppose is pretty similar to a planned parenthood place overseas. Except that ours was more a pregnancy crisis centre, and did not perform abortions on site. I started there, doing the six weeks required training after being successful in my interview (as to whether or not I was equipped to handle the counselling side of things). I only managed to complete a month of counselling these young girls and women after that…. because, well, my heart just broke too much.
    Firstly, at how flippant so many of them were – they just wanted to know who was the best person to go to to get their abortion because ‘pregnancy now is inconvenient for me / it was a one night stand and I don’t want a baby right now’.
    Secondly, there were just way too many really young girls who had been raped and were now facing such a difficult and overwhelming choice for their young (13-15 year old) minds.
    I never judged any of them – I was not in their shoes, and did not feel their emotions or have their thoughts. I prayed hard for ALL of them. But my heart just couldn’t face it every day any longer.

    I still wanted to serve the centre though, and found my niche in fundraising, and getting larger companies to donate. I stayed involved for a long time, and then management changed. The new rules were to encourage teens and the unemployed or ‘not in a stable relationship’ to terminate their pregnancies. I couldn’t be a part of that. So I left.

    The saddest for me is that as I look around me, this is just ONE of the areas of evidence of a crumbling society. Our land, as a whole, in every aspect, certainly does need healing. May God bless you as you continue to pray for others, and do His work. ❤

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  6. Thank-you for your prayers.

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  7. It’s interesting that you observed women leaving with little-to-know evidence as to the severity of having had an abortion. As you say, it’s clear that they don’t understand. They likely will some day, perhaps when they have a child they dearly love.

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    • Hi Mary, I only saw the women as they walked in…did not see them on their way out. It is all so sad to me…only Our Lord can open eyes and change hearts…and fill those hearts with love and mercy when invited in.


  8. Yes. It is depressing that abortion is so widely acceptable nowadays.

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    • Women have accepted the lie. They believe the “choice” is whether or not to continue the pregnancy. That is a lie. The truth is that the woman is a mother from the moment of conception. The “choice” is whether the mother orchestrates the killing of her baby, or allows the baby to grow in her womb. Very hard truth.
      Once a mother processes that truth, only Jesus can fill her heart with mercy and love. All she needs to do is invite Him in❤️

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  9. Thank you for your new found, and essential Ministry.

    Having given this issue prayerful thought; I have reached these conclusions.

    A a Nation, America is lying the moral-less gutter of “MEISM (life is ALL about Me, and what I WANT; What’s in it for ME? As a nation we have morphed and conformed ourselves into a multiplicity of “Meism gods.)… To the extent that for a great many in America; GOD simply does not exist; therefore SIN also does not exist. (Isn’t THAT convenient.) …This self imposed Ignorance, holds that this life is “All that their is.”…. So will God forget and forgive them?

    Only IF they repent, and convert; and give evidence of their conversion.

    So does this make GOD (the one that “doesn’t exist” a Mean, Evil and Nasty, Grudge holding God (if He even exist)?

    No! Why? Because it is we who choose for ourselves, by OUR life-choices; either eternal Hell or , eternal Heaven. Which we CAN all know [1] By the fact that booth good and evil exist [2] Because God “Offers” sufficient grace to every human Soul to make salvation a possibility [3] Because the ENTIRE Universe and the 682 MILLION living things on Planet Earth exist to PROVE the very existence of the God, so many deny.

    Let US Pray very much for the God, and the godless.
    To Jesus THROUGH Mary,
    Patrick Miron

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  10. God Bless those babies.

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  11. I was one who chose abortion in my younger days. My former life. The Lord has forgiven me. But it took me a very long, hard time to realize that there’s no sin that cannot be forgiven.
    I often wonder if there had been someone like yourself out there praying, would I maybe have listened to what you had to say?
    You can read my story on my blog titled The Whole Truth.

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  12. This was very moving for me, and I thank you for sharing. Here in Newfoundland a law has been passed that people must stay away from abortion centres, unless they are ‘clients’. If they stand too close, to respectfully pray, they can be arrested, fined, or even imprisoned.

    For sure, moms who lose their babies this way have a lifetime of remorse.
    Also fathers of the pre-born babies, and grandparents can suffer prolonged mourning. ⚘

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