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Feeling Hopeless and Empty?


In the last few years, I have personally experienced a roller coaster of emotions and issues, which were brought on by circumstances that I did not fully understand…and probably will never understand. Trudging through the thickness of my own private internal battles, I have managed to learn a few life saving gems.

These gems are not the sparkle and glitz types that are flashed at us through clever, and somewhat deceiving marketing ads.  What I am talking about are true nuggets…the kind that are hidden in plain view.  The kind that summon and invite us in, and once these nuggets are discovered, accepted, polished and lovingly cared for, will actually sustain us for life.

I have found that when I am at my lowest, feeling hopeless and empty, there are two areas that need to be acknowledged and developed. This is true in all of us… I witness it through all of the sadness, depression, confusion, anxiety, hopelessness and despair of those around me.

At this moment in time, there is much darkness enveloping our world.  There is much that attempts to bring fear and despair into our hearts.

However, at the same time, there is always love to be found…goodness that finds a way to radiate from difficult or dark circumstances.

The nuggets that lead us to truly see and and experience goodness and love are the virtues of gratefulness and humility.

Humility is understanding that God is everything.  We are alive because God wills it…every grace and blessing in our lives is gifted to us by God.  It does not matter what the world thinks of us, or how human eyes view us.  God created each one of us, and He alone knows our souls, and knows our true purpose.  He loves us with a love that we cannot comprehend.  

Humility is understanding and accepting that we are nothing without Him.

Gratitude, naturally flows from humility.  Once we know with our minds and hearts that life is truly a gift from God, and that all good things come from Him, we can’t help but to thank Him for every blessing and grace in our lives. One way to develop gratefulness is to thank God every night for each blessing that we experienced that day.

I once read something profound that posed a question to my heart.  “What if you lost all the things that you did not thank God for?

I try to thank God for everything in my life…starting with the fact that I am still alive. Listing out each of my senses, and how they are a blessing to myself, and can also lead to being a blessing to others.  I can walk. I have clean, running water. Hot showers. A cozy home. Food. Drinks. My husband. Friends. Family. Heat. Air Conditioning. We all have different blessings.

Once you get started thinking about all the goodness in your life, and know that God is the provider of all that is good…you start to see the world in a different way.  You start wanting to align yourself with God…and you learn to look up toward God for your joy and happiness, rather than continuing to search in all the wrong places for peace, joy and love.

Life is not easy, and never will be.  We are here to learn how to know, love and serve God.  And until we truly understand what it means to open our hearts and souls to the perfect love of God, we will struggle.  We must keep our faith in God, and know that we are saved through Christ Jesus. No matter how we continue to fall, and no matter how much we struggle and suffer…our hope and joy is in Him.






4 thoughts on “Feeling Hopeless and Empty?

  1. In a similar, but opposite line of thought, tegerenced thought the country song about being thankful for unanswered prayers. The return posed to me was receiving the answer to the prayer we felt in our hearts, not in our minds. Those who pray for healing of a person when it may be us who need to be healed, to accept others for who they are, or to heal from the sorrow of a death.

    There are times now when I pray for more specifics, usually gratitude, but other prayers are more open ended, not putting a solution in as the only way they prayer can be answered.

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    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. You spoke of the exact thoughts I was pondering today…accepting and loving people for who they are now.

      I also need to heal from the sorrow of my sister’s recent death. I haven’t been able to share too much about it yet, or write about it. (She passed away on Dec 6)

      Thank you for reading and commenting. May God bless you.


  2. “What if you lost all the things that you did not thank God for?” This stopped me in my tracks. I realized I do no spend enough time in gratitude. Thank you for this post and for reminding me of what is most important.

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    • Yes, that is exactly what that question did for me. When we focus on gratitude for our blessings (and sometimes we don’t even understand or realize that someting in our lives IS a blessing) and know where those blessings come from, we see the world in a completely different way. May God bless you.

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