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Reverence in Thought and Dress


This last Sunday I saw something at Mass that greatly troubled me. I waited a few days to speak of it, because I wanted to make sure that my heart was/is in the right place before bringing up this sensitive topic….modesty and appropriate, reverent dress when in Church and/or attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

My husband and I were sitting toward the back of the Church. When I saw what was written in large letters on the back of a woman’s tee shirt, (not sure of age or what was written on the front) I was just about moved to tears. In large letters it read….”YOU CAN’T EAT THIS.”

Wow…so sad that someone would think that was ok.

This is in God’s Church. The True Physical Body and Blood of Jesus is in the Tabernacle, and is being offered FOR US on the altar during Mass. If we truly understood the glory and majesty of God, and understood that He is fully present in the Holy Eucharist, we would know that it is a gift from God… that we are privileged to attend Mass and be in His Presence.

There are many ways that we show reverence, and one of those ways is putting thought into the way we dress…being that we will be in the Presence of Almighty God. I have seen many sad displays of dress (and “undress”), and have also once witnessed a teenaged girl with a short miniskirt applying lotion up and down her legs. There may be legitimate reasons for wrinkled shorts and tee shirts at Mass…I have also dressed in ways that I would never even consider now.

I guess, what I am trying to say, is to dress appropriately for an intimate visit with God. (as we would dress for any “special” occasion) Put thought into your preparation, in your choice of clothing, and also your state of mind and heart.

Don’t be afraid to gently speak with those you know and love, if their manner of dress or demeanor is not reverent.

May God have mercy on us and keep us in His care. JMJ


24 thoughts on “Reverence in Thought and Dress

  1. Thanks for the word “gently” and specify speaking to people we KNOW. If we don’t know the person, we have no idea what their situation is.
    I’m reminded of a story my former pastor once told us sbout a woman who visited a church dressed in a way that was “slutty.’ She was welcomed by the women and treated nicely by the men – from a distance. The next week she came back, dressed a little better. Again she received a warm welcome. A few weeks later she went forward to receive Christ. At her baptism she testified that when she first came to the church she told herself the moment one person says anything about the way she was dressed she would walk out and never come back. But she was won over by their unconditional love.

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  2. Thank you for bringing this topic up, perhaps it will make others ponder.

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  3. i’m hoping there was a taco on the front of that t.shirt … 😉

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    • I’m sure that there is a double meaning for the words, however, either way…it is most disgusting, offensive to God, and indicative of many Catholics who do not believe that The Holy Eucharist is the body, blood, soul and divinity of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The Church, which houses the Tabernacle, is God’s house. ❤️

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    • More than just for “in church” or in a church building, our lives should reflect modesty and grace, both women and MEN, that honors our Lord. That said, consider that the offensive attire may have been worn by a visitor who really NEEDS the love of Jesus. Perhaps the best approach would be to introduce oneself and invite the ‘offender’ out to lunch or dinner (withOUT mentioning attire yet), and get to know her.

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      • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Yes, I agree… it is always heartwarming to see new people (visitors)…no matter what they might be wearing. My post was specifically directed at Catholics that do not fully understand what the Mass is, or understand the Real Presence. I was talking about Catholics that attend Mass week after week, and should know their Faith better…it saddens me. Respect and reverence for Our Lord’s House. And yes, our lives should reflect modesty and grace at all times, no matter where we are.

        Thank you for taking the time to read and comment❤️

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  4. Does your Parish carry a “Appropriate Dress” Sign on the door or in it’s Bulletin?

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  5. What’s sad is that many don’t fear or ‘reverence’ God as once before. Our God is a holy God; I am thankful that He is also merciful. Prayers that the blinders come off that woman and her mind is renewed.

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  6. I agree that time with God is intimate and one should be reverent. And you are correct that the way we present ourselves is important. Plus I am very glad when God visits me at my worst I can also look my worst. Thank you for your thoughts.

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  7. When a beautiful relative was getting married, she wore an uplifting bra, so she looked a bit buxom despite having a small bust. The minister spoke gently but frankly to his close friends (her parents) to say that ministers find it hard to look down on the kneeling bride and groom, to be confronted with sights like the aforementioned one. He said he always ensured he focussed his attention on his readings but felt he would have preferred to have looked at the couples when warranted. Needless to say, her parents felt bad but understood the predicament of the priests. It is certainly food for thought!

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