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The One Thing Necessary


Wanted to share something I read today…it breaks through all of the excuses and defenses that we (I) carry.

The One Thing Necessary

“We all in a way harden our hearts a little bit; some to the point where they no longer hear the Word of God at all. There is always that one person that you haven’t totally forgiven or loved with a pure love. There is still that one thing you won’t give up for Jesus. You are still capping your love. You do everything but this one thing. Well, do it today.”

I don’t know about you, but I have a few things that are “capping my love.”  Mother Angelica has a way of speaking the Truth straight to the heart!  May we pray for the grace needed to help us give Jesus our all.

Taken from Mother Angelica’s Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality (Page 130)



3 thoughts on “The One Thing Necessary

  1. Thank you for writing this piece. I had never considered this before. Many blessings on your day!

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    • That’s how I felt when I read it. There are always things and people that we selfishly clutch in our closed hands and hearts…why is it so hard for us to let them go and give those things to Our Lord to handle?

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  2. Prayer to Him gives us courage! 😊😊

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