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A Step Forward in Faith


Are you struggling right now?  Do you KNOW something is missing in your life…or maybe experiencing pain, despair, confusion, or doubt that there is a God that loves you?

There is a way to move closer and closer to Jesus.  There is a way to find inner peace even as you tread through the storms of your day to day life. There is a way to truly have faith in God, and know that He is there for you. Always.

KNOWING Jesus will fill you with such a deep love and faith… life will change for you!

This video is the testimony of young men who have experienced miraculous change in their lives after making the decision to pray the rosary.  Listen to their stories, listen to how their hearts (and lives) were changed.  Our Blessed Mother loves us so much, that she desires to bring us closer to her son.  She loves YOU that much…trust her to love you through your struggles, as any loving mother would, and trust her to lead you to the saving grace of Jesus.

Praying/meditating on the mysteries of the rosary is changing my heart and my life…in unbelievable ways.  Are you ready to take a step forward in faith?  May God be with you on your faith journey.


8 thoughts on “A Step Forward in Faith

  1. Each of their stories are so very special!
    Blessings and peace be with you!

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  2. Beautiful post yes we have to keep faith on God and He will always be with us! Thanks for sharing 😊

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  3. I can tell you that I was born and raised in a Catholic family but my parents weren’t very observant and didn’t practice much. My mother was just obsessed with sins and denied sex to everyone. So I had to discover the sacred texts for myself and I had to understand certain things after many many years. Faith had been very much alive at a time in my life but then after the untimely death of my father, who was a very good and kind man, I had a crisis. Now thanks to a WordPress user I have come back to God and I pray and I feel more serene and at peace with myself and with others. Jesus is the way of the heart and of true love.

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  4. The men’s testimonies are inspiring. Blessings to each of them! ✝️

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