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I am a very happily married woman, who is totally blessed with an amazing husband, two strong and loving sons, and their wives, who are each a wonderful addition to our family.  Faith has always been important to me.  My husband and I would never have the marriage we have today if God was not the foundation of our marriage.

I am a cradle Catholic, and received twelve years of Catholic Education.  My parents made sure to take my sisters and me to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days.  One of my sisters is quadriplegic, and “back in the day”, disabled people didn’t get out much.  That led to Masses in our home, and some “Charismatic” Catholic functions (which I did not understand).  We also said an occasional rosary as a family.

As I grew in faith, I wanted nothing to do with the rosary.  I believed that a person should pray straight to Jesus, that it was blasphemy to pray to the Blessed Mother.  That belief would change drastically…about a year and a half ago, my faith started to deepen as never before.

In the Spring of 2012, my husband and I happened to drive past a group of about 25 people, who were praying, at the Pro Life 40 Days for Life, at a local abortion clinic.  I wanted to quietly show our support.  As we were getting closer to the group (who were standing in an oval shape on a grassy area), I could feel the Holy Spirit so strong that it made me cry. The spirit was so intense that it felt like a wall of love.  I saw a woman holding a sign that stated “I regret my abortion”, and I felt great admiration for her courage and deep empathy for her pain.  I continued to feel the Spirit while we drove past the group, and then once we passed them, it disappeared.  I looked over at my husband, and he had tears in his eyes…he felt the Spirit too.  I realized that they were praying the rosary, and it was the Holy Spirit around them; they were standing on Holy Ground.

A little while went by, and I wasn’t even thinking of the event at 40 Days for Life.  I was trying to figure out what I could do for Lent that would be meaningful.  I was literally PULLED and DRAWN to pray the rosary.  It was like I had no choice…I started to say the rosary almost every day. (Remember how I had previously avoided the rosary?) To make a long story short, I have been praying the rosary almost daily ever since, for the conversion of sinners, and for the hearts and souls of the people the Holy Spirit whispers to me every day.  The meditations and prayers have increased my faith immensely – our Blessed Mother has led me closer to Her Son.  My relationship with Jesus is more intense than ever, and I look forward to the revelation of each new day, to bring us even closer.

Relationships have always been my life’s focus.  I truly believe that the love of Jesus is shared through the people we interact with every day, starting with immediate family, and then branching out all the way to the people we may casually pass on the street.

The ability to feel a person’s inner struggles comes easily to me.  Often times, I actually feel a person’s pain or conflict.  Up until recently, this ability to take on people’s emotions left me very confused.  My mood would swing from feeling happiness in my day-to-day life, and all of a sudden, would change to extreme anger or sadness.  I did not understand I was picking up the emotions and spirits from others. Now I realize the empathy that comes naturally to me, is a gift from God.  This gift allows me to know when someone is in need.

Where is this all leading?  I believe that Christ’s love is shared through each one of us.  Every day, I try to keep open to the prodding of the Holy Spirit.  When a name pops up in my head, or I feel or see a person in need, I try to do SOMETHING to share God’s love with them.  It may be a prayer, smile, hug, card or some help to fill a particular need.  I am learning to take one day at a time to absorb and share God’s love with a world in need.  Many times, someone needs to know that “somebody loves me” before they can accept that “God loves me.”

This blog is my little way of sharing the love of Jesus, one heart at a time.  We will see where the Lord leads…


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  1. Wonderful testimony to our Lord’s work in your life dear sister 🙂

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  2. Hi! My friend Francesca met you while walking around the neighborhood. She just told me how she saw a statue of Our Lady at your house, knocked in and introduced herself! God does help us to meet like minded people. She dared your blog link with me. I do share the Catholic Faith in Instagram, so if you look for me there, I am CJ.Mon .

    Do take care!

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  3. I love your new photo on your blog. You are beautiful inside and out.

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  4. Thank you for sharing. Its really helpful and inspiring.

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  6. Wow!

    When God acts it is not always in secret; this was POWERFUL!
    Thank you for sharing it.

    I’m a “Marian Catechist” (also with 12 years + of Catholic education; so Mary and the Rosary have been friends of mine, it seems like “forever.”

    I have a “Lesson” I wrote, inspired by the Holy Spirit entitled “From Beads to Seeds” , that I’d love to share with you. If your interested here’s my E-Mail: It’s too lengthy to POST here

    Stay safe, and may Mary protect all those you love. (She has an enormously large heart)

    God Bless,

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