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Favorite Books

Are you looking for something more meaningful than the current direction your life is heading?  If you are, you may  enjoy some of the books that have been eye opening, inspiring, and life changing for me.

If you choose to read any of these recommended books, please share your thoughts with me.  Hopefully, we can grow together!


1.  The Anti-Mary Exposed     Carrie Gress

This is a powerful book that explains our current world, culture, Church, politics and family.  It explains the diabolical attack on women and femininity that is occurring.  Eye opening!

2.  Spiritual Warfare – Attack Against the Woman   Rev. George W. Kosicki    

This book does an excellent job of explaining the difference between the “real” spiritual battle and the “secularized” version. In the “real” battle, the Kingdom of God (who desires us to be part of the Bride of Christ) and the Kingdom of Satan (who wants to reign in our hearts through sin) are at odds with each other, while the secularized version would have us believe that it is all a battle within ourselves…our struggle with the evil within us with NO help from God’s grace. The book also focuses heavily on scripture passages, and on the idea that we are to worship the Creator and NOT creatures.

3.  The Lamb’s Supper     Scott Hahn  

The relationship between the Book of Revelation and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; the link between the celebration of the Eucharist and the end of the world.  Illustration of how the heavenly worship found in Revelation is really an account of the Marriage Feast of The Lamb.  Extremely enlightening and inspiring book.  Very well written.

4.  Signs of Life   Scott Hahn

40 Catholic Customs and Their Biblical Roots

5.  unPlanned    Abby Johnson 

The amazing journey of the Director of Planned Parenthood in Texas to the Pro-Life Movement.

6.  The Hand of God     Bernard N. Nathanson, MD

A journey from death to life by an abortionist who changed his mind.

7.  Fatima The Full Story     Joao De Marchi  

Very interesting, informative, inspiring account of the Miracle of Fatima.

8.  Catholics and the New Age     Mitch Pacwa

Very informative description of the seduction of the New Age and paranormal through personal journey.

9.  Angel and Devils     Joan Carroll Cruz

Extremely informative book on angels and devils; scriptural references and saints’ accounts from visions.

10.  No Turning Back     Donald H. Calloway

Catholic Priest’s conversion and redemption; Amazing testimony.

11.  Unbound   Neil Lozano

Excellent!  Deliverance ministry; how to become free of the all the things that hold us bound.

12.  The Promise     Jonathan Morris

One of the best books I’ve read dealing with God’s purpose and plan for us when life hurts.

13.  101 Inspirational Stories of the Sacrament of Reconciliation     Sister Patricia Proctor

Wonderful and moving true stories of transformations from reconciliation.

14.  101 Inspirational Stories of the Power of Prayer   Sister Patricia Proctor

Amazing stories that will inspire your faith.  Don’t miss this one!

15.  Surprised by Truth   Patrick Madrid

Eleven converts give biblical and historical reasons for becoming Catholic.

16.  Surprised by Truth 2   Patrick Madrid

Fifteen men and women give the biblical and historical reasons for becoming Catholic.   (Highly recommended for all)

17.  Amazing Grace For Those Who Suffer   Jeff Cavins & Matthew Pinto

Ten life changing stories of hope and healing.  A beautiful and amazing book about true faith.

18.  Glimpses of Heaven      Trudy Harris, RN

Whether you are facing the death of a loved one or confronting a terminal illness, Glimpses of Heaven will touch your heart and reassure you of the great love and peace God longs for you to receive.  What a touching and faith  affirming book!  I would recommend this book to everyone.

19.  Deliverance Prayers For Use by the Laity        

This prayerbook is designated for use by the laity in waging spiritual warfare from the public domain and the Church’s treasury.  A must have.





7 thoughts on “Favorite Books

  1. I’ve read those two books by Scott Hahn and Angels and Devils by JC Cruz. I’d like to recommend books by Dr. Brant Pitre, Dr. John Bergsma, and Gary Michuta that are available at Catholic Productions.

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  2. Bernadette, I just wanted to suggest Bishop Robert Barron and Word on Fire to you, if you aren’t already tuning in to him and his apostolate. I most especially enjoy his weekly homily for the Sunday Mass. He has been doing them and posting them online since 2001 and they are wonderful. They actually draw me to the gym where I listen to them while I’m on the treadmill. His work has opened so many doors for me spiritually and consoled me during and through the darkness in our Church.

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  3. I’ve read a couple of these, but there are more than a few that are new to me…looking forward to seeing what you like.

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