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Reach Out Now!

Sometimes, the feelings that we keep hidden deep inside, are set free by unexpectant glimmers and moments.  For me, those feelings were released in a tangible way while I was grocery shopping a few days before Easter.

I have always especially loved Easter for what it means to me spiritually, and also for the traditions that were shared with me by my parents and family. I have attempted to pass those same traditions to my sons and their families, however, they do not hold Easter and traditions as close to their hearts as I have and still do…meaning that I was trying to celebrate Easter in a new way…without sharing Easter Mass, Easter baskets, flowers, colored eggs or a special Easter Dinner with our whole family.  It is a time of change for me, and I am working on what that truly means.

So… I needed to pick up some groceries, and when I enterd the store, I was overcome with the beauty of all the flowers that were being displayed for Easter/Spring.  Of course I LOVE flowers, and started to make my way up and down the displays…admiring the beauty.  As I was taking in the joy of all those arrangements, I was overcome with emotion.

I don’t have my mom anymore, to buy flowers for. I no longer have my mother in law  to buy flowers for.  And now I don’t have my sister, who was also like a mother to me,  to buy flowers for.  

In that one moment, such sadness welled up inside of me, that it was hard to leave that spot and keep on going.

Now, Mothers Day is on its way, and there will be no cards for me to send, and no flowers to buy.  The three women who were there for me, and who I loved immensely are just gone.  They live in my heart, however, they are no longer there for me to show love and gratitude for all the ways that they impacted my life.  

The older I get, the more I realize that the most important things in this world are love and relationships.  Actually, when I think of it, they are the ONLY important things in this world, because love and relationships are the pieces of ourelves that we leave to the world when we die.

Everything else disappears from reality when the ones you love are taken from you.

Be aware of the “loves” in your life. Share your time and your heart with them.  Take the time to bring happiness into their lives.  Flowers and love are meant to be shared during life…don’t put off and wait to bring joy to others.  Do it now.  

We never know what tomorrow will bring, or how long we will have with those that we love and that love us.

Reach out now…  

To those that are close to you, and also to all those that may need an extra little gift of love to get through their day.  We all know of or come across many through our day to day life, that are suffering inside, due to loneliness.  Reach out now…while you still have the opportunity.

May God bless all of us, and open our eyes to the needs of others.  We are all here for eachother…let’s find ways to lighten the burdens that are kept well hidden within the hearts of so many.






Women’s History Month

So, I read a blogpost today that informed me that March is the official Women’s History Month.  I just so happen to be reading an amazing book regarding women…and the most  powerful woman that has ever lived.  

Have you ever wondered why most women are not happy in their lives?  They were told that they “could have it all,” (whatever that may mean) and they swallowed that lie…hook, line, and sinker.  Families are floundering, and actually torn apart. Women are attempting to find happiness where it is impossible to find, and men are confused as to what their role is.

People are confused and deceived.  There are not many who truly know their worth and understand what true happiness is.

We can see the unrest and loss of dignity in a world where everyone is led to believe that they must be selfish…that they must be happy every minute, and relationships and marriage only works when “I only do the things that I want to do,” and “I only want to do things that make me happy.”

Really? Is that truly where happiness and love reside…in a heart that only strives toward oneself?

When I look around and see the depression, numbness, anger, sadness, and bitterness all around me, in a world where we have the most material things that we could desire…homes, food, water, entertainment, online access, education…I have to wonder WHY.

I have had a book sitting on my bookshelf for awhile .  I picked it up the other day and started reading.


It describes all that is currently happening with women, men, families, and our country.  The author completely explains the steps that got us to this point, and the hows, whys and the whos that led us to where we are today.

Please pick up a copy of this book.  It will open your eyes to truths and facts that have been happening right in front of us…we were sucked in. Bit by bit.

It all sounded so great…having it all…until it didn’t.

We all kept trying to persevere…we must be doing it wrong!  Surely if we hang in there and do what “they” tell us to do, we will be happy.


The Anti-Mary Exposed Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Feminity by Carrie Gress  will change your perception of what “is.”  It will challenge you, and may be the perfect thing to read at the start of Lent. Or anytime that you are looking for Truth.  May God bless you in your search




Just Some Thoughts

Sometimes I really feel as though I do not belong on this planet.  All around me are images of what society deems necessary for success and happiness.  The images and subtle programming have affected me in different ways, however I do not accept society’s drone of what I should be or what I need to possess to be happy.  Most of it bores me.

We are surrounded with the temptation of artificial pleasure.  Pornography, gambling, plastic surgery for “perfection”, electronics, jewelry, luxury travel, trendy clothing, gluttonous food and drink, are all flashed before us.  “They” lead us to believe we need what they offer for our happiness.  It is a lie.  Make no mistake.  “They” lead us to believe we need it all so they can line “their” pockets.

We have allowed ourselves to be trapped in an artificial world, where happiness is unattainable.  In that world, happiness only comes when we attain the next thing “they” provide us.  That happiness is fleeting, and we are already craving the next pleasure fix.

It is time that we break free and really start to enjoy life for what it has to offer.

As the years fly by, I am learning that life is a process that  teaches us to love.  It is that plain and simple.  All of the situations and issues that we face are placed in our path for a reason.  God, in His infinite wisdom, is allowing us opportunity for growth.  We can choose to stop and question each situation, and try to learn the truth that He is placing in front of us, or we can complain, ignore, and forge ahead as usual, insuring that we will experience the same issue in the future.  You see, God will not give up on us.  He knows what is needed for each of us, and what will make our souls happy.

We tend to focus on meaningless glitz and pleasure.  It is impossible for those things to make us happy…for they are the illusions and diversions of satan.

The only true reality is the purity of Truth and Light.  The key to happiness and joy is our openness to the love of God.  Only when we connect with His love can we learn how to love each other.  That is where the joy starts!

Everyday as my husband and I commute to work together,  I am amazed at the wonder around us.  Every season has its own beauty.  Spring offers a new splash of  fresh color that awakens our sleeping spirits.  The wonderful aroma of honeysuckle is a pleasure that I savor.  Summer brings warmth, beauty, and energy.  It is wonderful to enjoy the comforting music of birds chirping   in the morning and crickets harmonizing at night.    Autumn is my special gift from God!  I am convinced that He created Fall just for me – the bright rays of the warming sun breaking through the crispness of the cool air, the magnificent colors that are spread out as a bouquet, the intense sense of family that Autumn brings to my spirit, brought to mind by the sight of pumpkins, fall flowers and the taste of sweet, crunchy apples.  For me, this is heaven on earth!  Then there is winter.  A time of hibernation and the perception  of death as we view the  bare twigs and branches that were covered with life only a few months before.

Right when we reach the point where we can no longer bear the stinging cold and isolation of winter, new life bursts forth again.  There is beauty to behold in each season.

Look around your little piece of the world.   Open your eyes to the wonder of nature, and enjoy the simple pleasure that will fill your heart, mind, and soul.  Learn to enjoy and show gratefulness in all the blessings you’ve been given.  All of the people in your life – your spouse, parents, children, relatives, friends, coworkers and all of the people you pass casually on a daily basis were placed in your life for a reason.  Look for ways to love them, and to see the goodness in them.  Sometimes love is not easy, and it’s not always easy to see the good.  That is because we are human and will never be perfect while we are on this earth.  But as we walk in the Light of the Lord, and praise and honor Him, we are preparing ourselves for the ultimate happiness that lies ahead for those who love Him.

For eyes have never seen, and ears have never heard, the wondrous things that God prepared  for those who love Him!!!