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Never too Late


Do you feel that little tug in your heart?  No matter what you do, no matter how you try to ignore it, there it is.

There is something waiting in your heart, words and thoughts that you are holding tightly in place with pain, bitterness, and fear. As long as you can block those little thoughts and whispers that call to you every so often, you feel in control.

After all, you are the one who was hurt. You are the one who has suffered all this time. You are the one who was wronged.

Even so, your heart tugs at you to let go, be free, FORGIVE!

Forgiveness will free your spirit and fill you with the joy of the Lord! Let the pain, bitterness and fear go…don’t allow those feelings to steal your joy any longer.

You’ve carried this burden for so many years that it feels comfortable to continue to hold it close.  You almost feel as though it is too late…too much time has passed.

It’s never too late.

Whoever that person is that is holding you bound…even if the person to forgive is yourself – know the freedom of letting go and allowing Jesus to carry your burden for you. He  is patiently and lovingly waiting for you to let go.

It’s never too late.

Just forgive.


And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.  Mark 11:25

And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.  Ephesians 4:32




18 thoughts on “Never too Late

  1. This is a beautiful post and meant for ‘someone’. I hope that someone(s) clicks the posts and reads your encouraging words. I have found that many people who have turmoil going on in their lives do not even realize that they are holding onto pains that others have caused. it’s sometimes like pulling a tooth to find a way to dig in with them to get them to realize they have the need to forgive before they can return to fullness. God Bless You and Yours. And your posts!


    • Tammi, thanks so much for stopping by and for your thoughtful words:-) I felt as though this post was meant for ‘someone’ as I was writing it.

      God bless you. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts:-)



  2. Good post Bernadette. It is so funny you wrote this, as just this morning in prayer, I was thinking about someone who hurt me deeply years ago. I prayed for three years that God would help me forgive that person, and it finally came. A few years back I saw that person again, and was greeted with a hug. I hugged also! That is what forgiveness and letting go of the bitterness can do! God Bless, SR


    • Yes, forgiveness is unbelievably freeing to the soul and a key to happiness:-) Holding on to all that anger, bittereness, pain and hurt leads to emotional, spiritual and even physical disease,

      Thank you for sharing your story! Your Sister in Christ, Bernadette


  3. Thank you for these important words. Jesus taught us to pray: forgive as we have been forgiven. Sometimes we don’t think that also means to forgive ourselves as God has forgiven us. May your words go out today and find that heart that needs to know the freedom that comes from forgiving. God bless you, Bernadette, and continue to make you a blessing to others.


    • Thank you for your beautiful and kind words.

      “May your words go out today and find that heart that needs to know the freedom that comes from forgiving.” AMEN!!!

      May God bless you and continue to work through you! Bernadette


  4. Thank you!

    I wonder at times why it is so difficult for us to understand how critically important this is to oue God?

    the Lord’s Prayer

    “forgive US our trasspasses as we forgive other [and ONLY forgive us to that same degree}

    Continued Blessings,


  5. I have thought of that question many times.

    Until we make the decision to truly give the Lord ALL we are, our strengths and weaknesses, and accept his loving grace and mercy in our whole being, we tend to hold tightly onto our darker side. (anger, bitterness, pain, confusion, etc) We make all kinds of excuses to others and ourselves. We don’t realize how we are hurting ourselves, not to mention offending God and hurting others.

    However, the Holy Spirit never tires of infiltrating our hearts, searching deep within our hearts for those dark places to be brought to light. Forgiveness and letting go opens the heart and spirit to the Lord:-)



  6. OH, Honey, I have tears in my eyes. I am married to a man, a Vietnam Vet, who just will not let go of the pain. He won’t forgive himself. He won’t forgive others. And lately I am seeing him fall apart. Please pray for him. There is no more room for stuffing. I have come into his life to show him Love and the Light, yet his Heart fears this and has for more then 30 years. Thank you for this post, and thank you for seeing me over at Petals. I really wish my husband would read these words. This too he wouldn’t even see even if he read your words. “When the student is ready the Teacher will come.” This is what I have been walking in Faith with …. knowing the One I know, will not let me down. Bless you. Love, Amy

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    • Thank you for sharing, Amy. Your words and your pain really touch my heart. I will pray for your husband everyday, and for you and your family.

      I would like to add him to a prayer list that I am a part of, if that is ok. (let me know…I will not add him if you are not ok with it) Either way, would you mind giving me his first name? (my email is if you would like to talk privately)

      I will pray for total healing of his mind, body, heart and spirit, and that The Holy Spirit surrounds him and you with His peace and love. Jesus knows the depth of his hurt and pain, and loves the both of you more than any of us can fathom. I pray that the Holy Spirit is revealed to your husband’s heart so that he can know and feel this great love that envelops him

      May God bless you and your husband. Thank you for reaching out. What a blessing we found eachother:-)

      Love and blessings,


      • Bernadette, his first name is Bill. I am SO touched by your willingness to help me. I’ve been doing this for so long, and I believe the time has come for me to ask for help. True help. And the only Help I know of is from Jesus and Spirit. So many times I have almost given up. So many. Yet, something within me keeps holding on to God, and just will not let go. Every soul is important to God. And Bill is no different. I am so honored and touched. (((HUGS)) Amy

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  7. Amy, each and every soul is important to God, and loved so deeply. He knows the dark places in our hearts that we are not even aware of. Through prayer and the Holy Spirit, those dark areas will be illuminated and healed in His light. Keep seeing that with your eyes of faith:-) Please contact me if you ever need anything at all. Most important, please know that you and Bill are being surrounded by prayer. When I take my walk at lunch, I will be meditating and praying for the both of you, especially for Bill’s conversion and healing. (noon-1pm EST)



  8. What a beautiful reminder to forgive even when it’s feel impossible. Faith has shown me not just how to forgive those who have hurt me but also how to forgive myself. Thank God for his Grace every day.


    • Carolyn, yes forgiveness is always possible when we turn everything over to Our Lord.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I look forward to getting to know you:-)


  9. I have to forgive. I must forgive. It is such a heavy burden. Besides Jesus says Forgive when He was dying on the cross. Thank you.

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  10. I have no choice but to keep reminding myself that “hate is a burden”… Thanks for sharing such nice words 🙂

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