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God’s Vessel of Love


Last night I finally followed through on something that has been on my heart for quite some time.  There were two reasons that held me back from doing what I knew the Lord was calling me to do.

Right before my mom passed away, she was in rehab for about a month.  She enjoyed her time there.  Being the social person that she was, she forged a friendship with her roommate, Elizabeth.  Elizabeth had been in rehab for quite awhile, and the center was now to be her home.  Her eyesight started to get worse, and she was not able to walk on her own.  She was confined to her wheelchair, which she sat in most of the day, listening to her television.  She had not participated in any of the activities offered to her.

Enter my mom…she invited and prodded Elizabeth to attend Bingo with her, and also some worship services and the Rosary.  They ended up going together, and Elizabeth ended up really enjoying herself.

When Joe and I visited my mom each day, we would bring treats for her, and also for Elizabeth.  Things like chocolate milkshakes, candy, homemade guacamole, and cookies.  We also brought two of my mom’s small wooden crosses…one for each of them.  Elizabeth instantly held it in her hand, feeling the smoothness of the wood, and tracing Jesus on the cross.  Every time we came in, the crucifix was either in her hand or on her bedside table.

When my mom was discharged,  we all felt bad leaving Elizabeth, and I knew she felt the same sadness.  We gave her a hug, and I made the decision to continue visiting her once my mom was settled in at home.

Two weeks from the date of discharge, my mom passed away.  During the whirlwind of what transpired once we  brought mom home, and then Hospice Care in our home, I didn’t have time to even remember or think about Elizabeth.

Once life settled down a bit, I started to feel the draw again to visit Elizabeth in the Health and Rehab Center.  However, as I mentioned before, there were two things that held me back.

I knew that Elizabeth really bonded with my mom and I also knew she would ask about her.  Being that Elizabeth was in failing health herself, and felt so close to my mother, I was reticent to tell her of my mom’s death.  I am not the kind of person that could lie about a thing like that, and I was concerned about how the truth would affect her.

The other issue that was lurking in the back of my mind was that I was not sure I could handle the emotions of walking into the room where my mom enjoyed the last month before her struggle and then her death.  I can still see her in that bed by the door.  She would be sitting up, with her cute reading glasses on, and doing word search or reading.  When I asked her how her day was, she would say, “I had a beautiful day!”  Then we would visit and she would force me to stash all the sugar packets, snacks, and cookies that she collected from her dinner trays into my bag.  It was our daily ritual!  So I was not sure what emotions might come up if I visited Elizabeth in that same room.

The Lord kept nudging me to make the visit, and yesterday was the day!  The room that my mother and Elizabeth were in was visible from the outside walkway.  I looked in through the back door window (locked from the inside) to check for Elizabeth’s name that was posted by the room.  Her name was gone.

I had a sinking feeling that maybe I was too late, and that she passed away.

Even though my heart was fluttering, I made it to the front desk, and asked about Elizabeth.  The receptionist smiled and told me that her room was moved, and pointed me in the right direction.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I walked down the familiar hall, and made a left turn.  When I walked into the room, Elizabeth was sitting in her wheelchair, looking ahead, in waiting for her dinner to be brought in.  I made sure to get close enough so she could see me, said hello, and introduced myself.

What a beautiful moment for me when her eyes and face brightened up in recognition and remembrance!

We started talking, and she related to me that my mom, and our family have been in her thoughts.  She talked about the treats we brought her, and how she enjoyed getting to know Mom, and the visits we shared.

Then she asked the question.  “How is Mary?”

As gently as I could, I let her know that she passed away a few months ago, and that she died a peaceful death.  I told her that it was my mom’s time.

Elizabeth’s eyes started to tear up, so I comforted her, and let her know what a wonderful time Mom had with her, and that Mom appreciated her friendship.  Elizabeth told me that Mom brought sunshine into her life, and that because of my mother, she still goes to Bingo and the Rosary.  She said my Mom was fun and feisty, and that was a good thing!

I remember when Mom would wonder why she was still alive at such an old age…much older than she expected to live.  I always let her know that she touches many hearts just because of who she is, and that all the prayers that she offers for everyone is part of her Divine Purpose.  She literally prayed for hours and hours for everyone she knew.

Now, it is being revealed to me one person after another, what my mother meant to them and how she touched their hearts.  She left love, and a piece of her heart with all that knew her or crossed her path.

Through my mom’s journey, I am learning that we all strive to understand God’s Divine Purpose for our lives, and we all believe that we fall short.  However, our Divine Purpose is revealed many times through our daily interactions and choices to love and forgive.  It is in taking the needed steps when we hear the Holy Spirit’s familiar whispers to our hearts…moving past the fear and uncertainty that we feel and making the choice to reach out to those hearts in need of validation and love.

My prayer is that the Lord fill me with the humbleness and purity of heart that my mother possessed.  And I pray for Him to use me as a vessel to hold and pass on His love to all He sends me.






20 thoughts on “God’s Vessel of Love

  1. God is good and you listen to the smaa voice of our hearts well

    Continued Blessings


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  2. And blessings to you, Patrick.


  3. You see? Your instinct to visit Elizabeth was right. That’s why God gave us instincts. 🙂


  4. What a beautiful post, a wonderful tribute to your mother. Know that her story has just touched my own heart, too.

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  5. Every single post of yours just touches me deep… Its beautiful!


  6. I pray everyone has a friend like your Mom. Beautiful!

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  7. Thanks, Pam. Yes, we all need a friend like her and we all need to be that friend:-) You and your family touch so many lives with your love and friendship.


  8. Your description of your mom reaching out to her roommate at the rehab facility was so beautifully done. I was very much moved by the thought of her ministering and “bearing fruit, even in old age.” I find myself loving your mom more each time I read one of your recollections about her! Thank you for this post.


  9. God has already answered your prayer – God is so good and you are blessed with favor as you pour out his love.
    I read and lovingly weep. Wynema


  10. Beautiful story. We see the impact your mom had on others to the very end. And we see You being obedient to what the Lord placed on your heart. Your visit turned out to be a blessing for Elisabeth and yourself. Think of the blessings we miss when we’e not obedient!
    Your mother may be gone, but her influence and fruit is evident in you! Peace be with you in the coming year.

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  11. So true…my mom’s spirit and the fruit of her influence is evident in all of her family/friends. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!



  12. My dear sister Bernadette, you have no idea how deeply your words about Mom burrow into my soul. I am so glad that we shared the same mom, and you help me to remember her strength and how even those things that I sometimes thought of as weaknesses were her greatest strengths. God provided her to lead us to the important things of life. You did such a wonderful job caring and providing for her…you took on a “burden” that belonged to all of us because we weren’t able to do it, and God is rewarding you richly…I am so proud of you and so happy for you. Not only have you and Joe given Mom a quality life for her last years, but you have been blessed with the ability and resources to introduce this incredible woman to so many, many people on the internet. May God keep blessing you with those wonderful “instincts”. I love you and your other two sisters so much!
    Will you continue to see Elizabeth? 🙂

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    • Patti, Thank you for your loving and supportive words. Your calls, visits, gifts and cards were all a source of joy for Mom. She loved us all so much. I love you and pray for you every day. And, YES, I will continue to visit with Elizabeth:-)


  13. What a sweeeet post! Your mom overcame so much and allowed her soul to be sweetened by her challenges rather than embittered. She was pliable and it must be a great comfort to you to realize what a difference her kindness and thoughtfulness left behind. Thanks for sharing!

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