Sharing God's love with the world, one heart at a time.

Whoever Has Ears Let Them Hear


With all that is whirl-winding around us at this time in history, there is nothing I can say that can better expose the truth of the times than these two videos.

Whoever has ears let them hear.  Matthew 13:9-16

May God bless all of us, open our eyes and ears to The Truth, and have mercy on each one of us, and on our country.


5 thoughts on “Whoever Has Ears Let Them Hear

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  2. Thank you!

    Dr. Marshall is excellent.

    Glad to see you POSTING again,

    God Be with you,

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    • Thanks Patrick. I have been immersed in learning my faith and becoming closer to Our Lord Jesus and His (and mine) Blessed Mother, and learning the power of my guardian angel and St. Michael in this Spiritual Warfare.
      God be with you and yours. Love, Bernadette

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  3. When Jesus spoke this He was saying that those who are willing to listen will hear what He is saying. May we all have a willing spirit to hear what the Lord is saying.

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