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Open Your Wounded Heart


For about the last week, an image has been imprinted on my mind.  This same image, and what I believe is the meaning behind it, will not leave my thoughts.

I believe that I am being prodded to share what has been given to me.

Hopefully, your heart, no matter how wounded it is, or how high you have built your wall up to block the pain of those wounds, will open up to the pure love and mercy that only Jesus can bring.

Whenever I gaze at a Crucifix, or meditate on Jesus hanging on the cross and dying for me, the image that I see is what I would see looking toward him.

The focus of that perspective is the pain, and complete agony and suffering of our Lord and Savior…followed by the feeling of sorrow that I played a part in that suffering…through the times of turning my back on Him and through the grievous sins of my life.  That is the image that I usually experienced.

Now, I am viewing the image as Jesus would be seeing  it…looking out.

What first went through my mind was, “Of course He is looking out…He is always looking out in love.”

Then my mind started asking the question, “What was He seeing as He was suffering on that Holy Cross?”

As He struggled to keep His eyes open, through the blood and sweat that must have been dripping down His face, His eyes would have focused on His Mother and her sister, Mary, wife of Clopas, Mary of Magdala, and His beloved Apostle, John.  He saw the love and grief on their faces, and filled them with His Mercy and Pure Love…drawing them in even closer to Himself.

His eyes must have also scanned the empty spotswhere were all of His followers? The anguish of being abandoned by His disciples…His Chosen…due to fear and lack of faith, must have added immensely to His suffering.

How do we still add to His suffering, due to our lack of faith, or fear?   How many times do we pass up the opportunity to spend an hour in His Holy Presence  during Adoration, or ignore His invitation to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and receive His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Holy Eucharist?   Or how many times do we just go through the motions of attending Mass, and actually go up to The Altar, to receive His Body and Blood, while being in the state of Mortal Sin?  Why do we keep holding on to sins that hinder our relationship with Him…why do we choose not to receive the graces offered to us through the Sacrament of Confession?

When Jesus looked out as He was dying, He saw all of those things. He knew how we would all turn our backs on Him.

He saw those of us that were mocking Him, and those who were choosing the road that leads toward death.  He experienced the reality of our hopelessness and despair, in those that were (or would be) confused and deceived by the evil one.  As He hung on The Cross, He saw the evils that were done in darkness…that separated those hearts from Himself.

And Jesus said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”  Luke 23:34

Jesus looked at all of us in our sin, and felt compassion, mercy and love for us.  He reaches out to each one of us, every single day, in many ways.

You know the ways He is reaching out for you.  You already are feeling the little nudges that He blesses you with…how long will you wait to accept His Sacrifice for you?

Take that step of Faith…open your wounded heart to His comforting and healing Presence.  

You were created for just that…to be one with Him.  Reach out for His loving, merciful heart that is reaching for you.





14 thoughts on “Open Your Wounded Heart

  1. I must admit, I have often pondered upon Jesus hanging on the cross and how much of a burden each and everyone’s sins were weighing upon his heart and soul. Yes, we add to that burden.
    There is another image that I try to focus on when I enter church. I heard a sermon once that had a profound affect on me and the minister spoke about imagining the majestic yet humble vision of Christ standing before us as we enter every service and that we need to bow and respect His presence before we do anything else. The analogy the minister used was that we would be in awe of and would be enormously respectful if we were standing before Her Majesty The Queen. It is an image that I try to focus on as much as I can. Thank you for a thought provoking post.

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  2. We will never understand the extent of His love for us. I think about that a lot when at Mass…if we really understood we would be crumpled on the floor in adoration and gratitude. Thank God for His mercy❤️


  3. Beautiful! Had me in tears. To see what He saw…how could he still love us? So thankful he is a God of Mercy and Grace!

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  4. A great post with a message to ponder – “to see what Jesus saw and felt as he hung on the cross”.

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  5. There is a beautiful book ” The Simple Path to Union with God”. Your beautiful reflection is very much in line with the books reflections. Wonderful post that burns with truth!

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  6. You raise many important questions that we should reflect on as the days pass by in our pilgrimage of faith.

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  7. You know just recently I’ve been praying for God to ignite my fire in my heart. And honestly, this just adds to the flame. All my life, I’ve sought after God and just recently the Lord has been convicting my heart to chase after him. I’ve sought God but I was serious about him until recently. And the Lord just keeps on strengthening my hands to do the good things that he wants me to do. Amen to this blog post

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  8. This is such a beautiful and moving post that has touched my heart – to see what Jesus saw and felt as he hung on the cross. This message is making me think of the ways in which I, personally, add to our Lord’s suffering.

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