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Interior Growth during Lent


About a week or two ago, my husband and I were sitting on our couch watching a movie.  Someone was knocking at our front door, and being nighttime, I felt a little leery of opening the door to a stranger.

My husband doesn’t share my concerns or fears, so he swung the door open.  There stood a young woman, along with a friend, smiling at us.  She introduced herself and her friend, and proceeded to tell us that she happened to be walking by, and saw the Blessed Mother flags that we have in our front yard.  She said that something told her to knock on the door, and so she did.

Even just that was amazing to me…that someone, especially someone young, would actually walk up to a stranger’s home, because they felt the “call” to do it.  I have felt that call before, so I felt an instant connection with her.

We talked a little, and learned that we both have a devotion to Our Lady, and she shared that she attends Traditional Latin Mass at an area Church on Sundays, and she invited me.   Now, here is the clincher… I have been praying regarding whether or not to attend a Latin Mass.  There are different opinions on the Novus Ordo (New Order)  Mass vs Traditional Latin Mass, and I was praying for direction from Mother Mary and my guardian angel. You see, I remember the reverence and beauty of the Latin Mass as a child, before Vatican II, and have always missed that beauty. The altar rail, kneeling to receive the Body of Christ on the tongue,  the Priest facing the tabernacle, beautiful bells ringing during the Eucharistic Prayer, and beautiful hymns.  I always missed those lovely aspects of the Latin Mass, but since the changes to the Mass happened when I was a child, I just accepted those changes without question.

Since that night, my new friend and I have spoken a few times, and found that we have much in common.  She volunteers and is very active within the Church, and she reminded me of the 40 days For Life Ministry that is happening now.  It took a few gentle “proddings” before I finally made the committment to sign up to pray for the end of abortion.  I decided to pray at Planned Parenthood on Fridays.

What a lesson in humility it is to actually stand in front of a place (Planned Parenthood) that makes a business out of killing babies in their mother’s wombs. It is so sad to me.  At the same time, being there, and praying the rosary for the mothers and fathers that are considering to end their babies’ lives, is a privilege.  My rosaries and all prayers are also for the opening of the eyes, hearts and conversion of souls, of any person that is associated with this horrific baby killing.  Only Our Lord, Our Lady, and St. Michael, have the power to win this spiritual battle, and I am more than willing to pray to the heavens to step in and stop this holocaust.

I made the decision to pray the complete 20 decade rosary during my 40 Days for Life prayer time.  I have never prayed all the decades at once…have always just prayed the mysteries devoted to the particular day of the week.  This complete rosary is indescribably beautiful, and I plan to continue praying it at least once per week.

So, one more little tidbit to add to my story.  The Latin Mass that my friend told me about is only on Sundays at 3:30pm.  I work on Sundays/Mondays so that was out of the question, because I did not think it would be possible to change my two days.  Well…after she reminded me that we should not be working on Sundays anyway, being that it is the Lord’s Day, I decided to request my days to be changed so I would have off on Sundays.  I prayed to the Blessed Mother that if I was meant to have Sundays off and attend the Latin Mass, that she would make that possible.

I just heard from work a few hours ago that my request is approved, and I am over the moon happy that I will no longer be working on Sundays…the Lord’s Day:-) Thank you, dear Jesus and Mother Mary, for leading my new friend to my front door, and for the miracles you send me each and every day.

When I was looking for an All Mystery Rosary, I found one that is beautiful.  It is prayed by a husband/wife, with beautiful voices, and soft reverent music in the background. I will share with you below. (only one thing that I found distracting…after the last prayer of the rosary..Hail Holy Queen…the husband/wife talk a little about their site. I turn off the video after the last prayer, and then say the Prayer to St. Michael.

May God bless you on your personal journey to Jesus and heaven.  May your Lenten time bring you the interior growth that you are in need of.



7 thoughts on “Interior Growth during Lent

  1. I’ve been praying the rosary too. One of my cousin attempted suicide and that night when he was in the ICU I prayed the Rosary especially remembering him. Being a protestant – I’ve been very doubtful about the Rosary, so I did pray that if he survives I will believe in Rosary and the Mother Mary’s ability to plead for us. Miraculously he survived but he is in a very bad state – he cannot move, nor walk. I then began to ask God as to what purpose is his life. It’s very confusing state – his wife left him, he has two grown up boys studying college and school and he led a life of addictions. I’m praying God restores, repairs and resurrects his life as he is led to repentance. Do please pray for him

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  2. What a neat story about the gal who walked up to your door! Is your husband also interest in the Latin Mass?


    • I was expecting to attend the Latin Mass first, myself, and then also the Novus Ordo Mass with my husband. He surprised me, and said he wants to attend with me❤️

      The way everything played out…and fell into place, is amazing to me. I would definitely call it a miracle…a God moment:-)

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  3. What a beautiful story. Our Blessed Mother is so powerful, loving. How she connects us!

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  4. Life is full of mysteries. I must admit that I am grateful to YouTube Holy Rosary. I play it night as a means to pray and rest with Mother Mary.

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  5. I Re0blogged this.

    Wow! (But no real surprises. Jesus and Mary ARE on OUR side; so anytime we ask for help growing in Faith, Hope and Love; they WILL come through for you.

    The Extraordinary Form of the Mass is ALL of that; EXTRAORDINARY! Why? Because it IS GOD Centered-Divine Worship. Enjoy your “new” / OLD Mass. (And please say a prayer for my wife and I.)

    God Bless you and “yours”,

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