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Reach Out Now!


Sometimes, the feelings that we keep hidden deep inside, are set free by unexpectant glimmers and moments.  For me, those feelings were released in a tangible way while I was grocery shopping a few days before Easter.

I have always especially loved Easter for what it means to me spiritually, and also for the traditions that were shared with me by my parents and family. I have attempted to pass those same traditions to my sons and their families, however, they do not hold Easter and traditions as close to their hearts as I have and still do…meaning that I was trying to celebrate Easter in a new way…without sharing Easter Mass, Easter baskets, flowers, colored eggs or a special Easter Dinner with our whole family.  It is a time of change for me, and I am working on what that truly means.

So… I needed to pick up some groceries, and when I enterd the store, I was overcome with the beauty of all the flowers that were being displayed for Easter/Spring.  Of course I LOVE flowers, and started to make my way up and down the displays…admiring the beauty.  As I was taking in the joy of all those arrangements, I was overcome with emotion.

I don’t have my mom anymore, to buy flowers for. I no longer have my mother in law  to buy flowers for.  And now I don’t have my sister, who was also like a mother to me,  to buy flowers for.  

In that one moment, such sadness welled up inside of me, that it was hard to leave that spot and keep on going.

Now, Mothers Day is on its way, and there will be no cards for me to send, and no flowers to buy.  The three women who were there for me, and who I loved immensely are just gone.  They live in my heart, however, they are no longer there for me to show love and gratitude for all the ways that they impacted my life.  

The older I get, the more I realize that the most important things in this world are love and relationships.  Actually, when I think of it, they are the ONLY important things in this world, because love and relationships are the pieces of ourelves that we leave to the world when we die.

Everything else disappears from reality when the ones you love are taken from you.

Be aware of the “loves” in your life. Share your time and your heart with them.  Take the time to bring happiness into their lives.  Flowers and love are meant to be shared during life…don’t put off and wait to bring joy to others.  Do it now.  

We never know what tomorrow will bring, or how long we will have with those that we love and that love us.

Reach out now…  

To those that are close to you, and also to all those that may need an extra little gift of love to get through their day.  We all know of or come across many through our day to day life, that are suffering inside, due to loneliness.  Reach out now…while you still have the opportunity.

May God bless all of us, and open our eyes to the needs of others.  We are all here for eachother…let’s find ways to lighten the burdens that are kept well hidden within the hearts of so many.





31 thoughts on “Reach Out Now!

  1. Such a great message, thanks ma❤️

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  2. What could be even sadder than having no loved ones to buy flowers for is to have a mother or a sister but no intention to buy flowers for them.

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    • Sadly, very true. The older I get, the more I understand the reality of the fragility of life…don’t wait to let the special ones in your life know how much you appreciate them and love them. Whether it be flowers, a hug or a kiss…show your love NOW❤️

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  3. What a beautiful post! Thank you 😊

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  4. AMEN to your conclusion, Bernadette. God has engineered us to enjoy doing for others even more than the recipients enjoy our favors (Acts 20:35)! Perhaps you could provide flowers for someone special, in honor of your mom, MIL, and sister.

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    • Thanks for your kindness and your wise words, Nancy!

      And thanks for the suggestion…I always try to look for ways to show love for the people in my life.

      I think that I hold a lot of feelings/emotions inside…the trip to the grocery store brought all those feelings up. I am especially emotional lately because I am attending my oldest sister’s funeral next weekend. She was a very important part of my life…the foundation of our family. I always considered her a mother figure to me.

      The other thing that stood out to me, was for all of us to take the time to show (and tell) our loved ones what they mean to us. Show gratitude and give lots and lots of love and hugs❤️

      Thank you for reading and leaving such a thoughtful comment❤️

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      • You’re right: the special relationship you enjoyed with your sister makes it doubly hard to be without her now. We do indeed need to share lots of gratitude, love, and hugs while our loved ones are still with us!

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  5. Just beautiful! And very true. I’m trying harder these days to not let pass those moments to let someone know I love them. I’ll keep your comfort in my prayers on Mother’s Day. (My MIL always gives me plenty to offer up. 😉 )

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  6. A beautiful reminder, thank you! I lost my mother in January of this year and, like you, recently experienced that sudden realization that this would be my first Mother’s Day without her. It really hit me when I received an email reminder from my florist about sending Mom flowers this year. Since my mother-in-law is also gone, I truly have no mothers in my life now. But I’m inspired by you to reach out to a couple of older ladies I know and love. God bless you.

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  7. Happy belated Easter Blessings! … and happy early Mother’s Day!!! thank you for sharing your beautiful words with the universe … and for the reminder to LOVE. always.

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  8. I have lost both my mother and my mother-in-law, and I miss them both. But I know I will see them again. Praying you’ll be encouraged this way, too.
    Speaking of Mother’s Day and flowers, you might like this dream I had:

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  9. The Love of God becomes our ability to weigh the true worth of this life. The deeper we enter into its domain the more clearly we see. Tears are often its language and His comfort is never far from those who love.


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  10. I say, buy them flowers. And revel in their otherworldliness. They reach your intended recipients and should squeeze your heart with warmth. Double duty!
    I say, buy them flowers. 😉
    I bless you.

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  11. I try to pick wildflowers every year on mothers day for my wife. My wife and I lost all our parents close together so it’s just us and a lot of siblings yet. Life goes by and flowers mean a lot.

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    • Yes…so right! Life goes by and flowers mean a lot❤️

      It is so hard as we get older and start losing loved ones…however, we learn to truly appreciate each day that we are gifted with, and the special ones in our lives.

      Thank you for stopping by and for your thoughts!

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  12. Beautiful, as always.

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  13. It has been my goal to send flowers and a card to those who mean so much to me!!!

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  14. Thank goodness yocan still buy flowers for yourself.

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